A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Wise Words, Good Sir: In an email thread about the rash of street crime on the New Hill East list, a couple of residents try to figure out why policing has been ineffective. One writes, “Perhaps we should look into the role of the judiciary. Are those arrested being put back out on the street soon after the MPD makes arrests? Lt. Thornton cited some cases where the perpetrators were released pretty quickly. Perhaps neighbors should keep a closer eye on the judiciary. In the past, the revolving door has been a problem.” One neighbor agrees, responding: “Wise words good sir. We let youths off with slaps on the wrist. They know there is virtually no punishment for their actions and by the time there is it’s too late … they are already emboldened criminals who have no regard for laws or personal (or community) responsibility.”

Woof. New Columbia Heights doesn’t see the point of emailing a community list to complain about barking dogs: “Now I am sure barking dogs can be annoying. However, I wouldn’t really call this an epidemic. Dogs bark — that’s what they do. You live in a city where there are dogs. What about knocking on your neighbor’s door and talking to them about it, rather than emailing the MPD listserve? I see this kind of thing often in the neighborhood, people seem to be afraid or reluctant to talk to neighbors about things like garbage or dogs or whatever. I’m sure some people are unreasonable, but immediately emailing a listserve or the police on minor things seems like an overreaction, and doesn’t really contribute to a sense of community.

Columbia Heights, ISO: “I need to find a *good* tailor or seamstress to craft a baptismal suit (trousers and jacket) for an older boy (age 7). We have the fabric, a silk that has been in the family for decades and professionally archived.”

Adams Morgan, ISO: “I am looking for child care w/ references for my 3 month y.o. son. I have a unique situation in which I work from home so some weeks I may need 5 day’s in a week and some weeks just 1 day. So I was looking for a situation where I can just pay for the hours we use. I can also host if needed I live in the NE DC area really close to the metro. If the person speaks Spanish its a plus but not a must.”