Yesterday Mike Madden said that the D.C. Council’s trip to New Hampshire was ill-timed. Instead of taking advantage of the hundreds of reporters up there for yesterday’s Republican primary, they’ve opted not to send anyone until tomorrow when the New Hampshire legislature votes.

NBC4’s Tom Sherwood, on the other hand, thinks the whole visit is a bad idea:

The Live Free or Die state has been supportive in the past, but with the Thomas embarrassment — and two criminal investigations, of campaigns run by Mayor Gray and Chairman Brown, still going on — we hardly think it’s time to go democracy shopping.

We are the first to attack folks who decry wrongdoing in local Washington as an excuse to oppose congressional voting rights or even the right to govern ourselves. Those critics never seem to ask Illinois to give up governing despite its two former governors in jail now.

It just seems now is not the time for this trip.

Photo via Wikipedia Commons