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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Ouch: The Brightwoodian reports that a new sports bar is close to opening on Kennedy Street NW—but that the establishment has run into some syntactical problems. “When I passed by yesterday I saw that exterior signage had been installed, which is great, although I have to admit that the name of the establishment makes my heart, um, ache just a little”—its name is Aché—”…as does the misspelling of the word ‘restaurant.'” And a commenter has other concerns: “Thanks for posting about this. As a local resident, I’m happy to see some development on Kennedy street. I’m not so sure, though, that this looks like the sort of inviting vibrant business that is needed to revitalize the somewhat benighted corner of 5th and Kennedy. What’s up with the bricked-up store front? While the interior may be nice, it looks more like a speak-easy, strip club, or even a bunker, from the external appearance. This won’t encourage the ‘eyes on the street’ effect…that’s needed to keep the neighborhood safe and encourage a healthy, vital, and prosperous community.”

Hair-Trigger: Inspired by a posting on the MPD 4D email list, in which a member asked, “While low on the problems facing the neighborhood, I have been living here about a year and every weekend early in the morning neighbors put their dogs outside and they bark. Are there things that the police can do to encourage the neighbors to be more thoughtful? I don’t think fines, or tickets, or anything like that are necessary, maybe just a reminder that leaving their dogs out barking is not very considerate,” New Columbia Heights inquires, “I see this kind of thing often in the neighborhood, people seem to be afraid or reluctant to talk to neighbors about things like garbage or dogs or whatever. I’m sure some people are unreasonable, but immediately emailing a listserve or the police on minor things seems like an overreaction, and doesn’t really contribute to a sense of community. Am I crazy to think this is strange?” Though one commenter writes, “yeah seriously, if the person you need to talk to is the ‘old guard’ of this neighborhood, i would advise not doing it. they are super pissed responsible clean people moved in and made the neighborhood better and safer. They go from 0-60 at even the hint of a complaint from the new guard,” another says, “Well, there is obviously a lot of racially based resentment towards so-called “new arrivals/new guard” from the population that has been here longer. This obviously leads to negative feelings on both sides which cannot be moderated by mutual respect and neighborliness. So in come authorities. Something like dogs – well, that’s a stretch and you just need to suck it up.”

He Doesn’t Even Go Here: “Last Friday night, I was walking through Dupont Circle when the same man approached me. He apparently didn’t recall that he had spoken to me a year ago, because he used the same line – asked me if this was the main downtown area and told me he had just moved here from California. This time I ignored him and he pursued me for a minute or so, but I crossed the street through traffic and lost him,” writes a member of the Dupont Forum email list. The member notes that, a year ago, she had a similar encounter. “I just thought the whole thing was weird and creepy, since he’s apparently using the same MO for a year or more. Has anyone else run into this guy?” she writes. Another member adds, “I’ve run into this guy as well! Around late summer this past year, I was sitting at the circle at night by myself drinking some tea and I was approached by this man you described. Since it was night time, no one else was around and I was a little creeped out. He was plainly dressed and told me the same thing he told you: he had just moved to DC from California for a job, and wanted to know if Dupont Circle was the main downtown area in DC. He didn’t try to ask me out, but mentioned something about his family. This is really weird.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: In a message titled “ISO ice cream cake – must have chocolate crunchies,” a member of the Cleveland Park email list requests, “I am looking for a large ice cream cake with chocolate crunchies (a la Carvel 1986) separating the layers of ice cream. I’d like to be able to order specific flavors of ice cream, then have the crunchies in the middle.” The writer continues, “There are no Carvel shops nearby, and I’ve tried to ask for the crunchies twice from Ben & Jerry’s in cakes, to no avail. Thomas Sweet said they thought they could do it with oreos, then I picked up the cake and there were no crunchies (or oreos) in the middle. I don’t like Baskin Robbins ice cream and don’t think they do crunchies anyways. Any ideas?”