A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Liquornomics: “I am getting ready for a shindig and was wondering if anyone knew if liquor is generally cheaper here in dc or in Montgomery county. I usually shop at s&s buy I have a lot to buy today. I am on digest so if you could reply directly I would appreciate it. Thank you!” inquires a member of the TakomaDC email list. After another member suggested Calvert Woodley Wine & Spirits, a third writes, “why single out Calvert Liquors when there are several liquor stores much closer to patronize? S&S Liquors, Mayfair Liquors, and Morris Miller Liquors come to mind. I remember years ago when Morris Miller was a virtual ‘parking lot,’ and so was Mayfair. My friends and I would patronize Morris Miller, Mayfair Liquors and Cork’n Bottle Liquors fairly regularly, and indiscriminately, I might add. 🙂 What has changed that made these once thriving businesses unattractive to the local residents? The exception is S&S Liquors, which seems to be prospering and has strong community support. I wonder if S&S Liquors success is partially due to do its owner’s community involvement?” “The difference, as stated in your first sentence, is simply price. Calvert Woodley is the cheapest in the city and their sales (they advertise them in the front section of the Washington Post) are fabulous. Morris Miller also used to have lower prices and great sales, but it’s now same as most others. I love S&S because of the owner, Singh, who has been a good neighbor and he does have good sale prices from time to time. Easy to get to and I shop there regularly. Also at Safeway, when they have a sale on something I like. Competition is healthy,” writes a fourth, who adds, “P.S. I NEVER shop for wine or beer in Maryland.”

Your Bottled Water Doesn’t Support the Israeli Occupation: In response to a simple question about how members of the Chevy Chase email list use their Sodastream machines—”I’m considering buying a Sodastream machine. I drink a lot of seltzer water and don’t like the idea of all the plastic bottles I’m putting in the recycling bin every week. If you have a Sodastream, could you let us all know how you like it? What do you use it for primarily (seltzer or flavored soda)?”—a member fires back, “While a machine like Sodastream seems practical, people should know that this product is made in an illegal Israeli settlement on the Occupied West Bank. Buying it supports the Israeli occupation and all its cruelties. Please consider this…”

Know Your Rights: On the New Hill East email list, a member writes, “Apologies for the 2:30am rant, but I’m so sick and tired of DC taxi drivers putting a damper on otherwise lovely night out in the city. Although tonight I was lucky that I actually found a cab, my taxi driver just told me he was doing me a favor…As I understand it, isn’t it the LAW that he takes me home? I’ve lived in various cities on the east coast and abroad, and traveled extensively, and DC cabbies seem to be the worst of the lot. But, we as residents, especially in this area, seem to be helpless. Is there anything that can be done or is being done to keep these crooks, er, I mean cabs in check? If so, please sign me up.” Other members offer sympathy and similar anecdotes; one suggests, “…Once you’re in the cab yes they do have to take you to your destination. When I encounter a bad driver who won’t take me I usually read the blurb from the ‘Passenger Bill of Rights’ on the back of the seat. If that doesn’t work I tell them that since we can’t agree I can call the police and let them settle the matter. Sometimes I don’t have time for all of that and find another cab, but either way I always take down their information and report them to the Taxi Commission.” Surprisingly, no one has yet mentioned Uber.

Shut Up and Drive: “Sorry for perhaps a silly question, but is anyone else confused by the traffic lights at the Starburst Intersection?” asks a member of the ANC 6A email list. I am talking specifically about when driving up 15th Street onto Bladensburg Road. When stopping at the light and then once the light turns green (the light that is right in front of me), I get 1/2 way through the intersection (you sort of have to curve to the left) and then there is another light that is red and hasn’t turned green yet. This light isn’t really pointing in any particular direction but it seems to be also aimed at the cars coming up 15th Street, since it really doesn’t seem to point to any other road. I just ignore it but it still irks me that I’m not sure what it is for. Has anyone else noticed this?” Though other members of the list echo this sentiment, one writes, “I believe that one of those lights is for the 15th St traffic and the  other is for the Maryland Ave traffic. The 2 can be a little confusing, but if  you pay close attention you can figure out the difference between the 2…”