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When Metro police officers lifted wheelchair-bound Dwight Harris from his chair last May and slammed him to the ground, his friend Lawrence Miller says he asked the officers what they were doing—-and was arrested for his trouble. Released without being charged, Miller is now suing Metro police for wrongfully violating his First Amendment rights. He tells WUSA9:

“You know, everybody stands around and watches. Everybody wants to see what’s going on, but nobody says anything. I happen to be the individual to say something and I caught the brunt from it. I’m not upset that I caught the brunt from it. I’m not upset that I got the brunt from it because my grandmother always told me if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything,” Miller told 9News Now on Monday evening.

“I believe that anybody and everyone has the right to question police about what they are doing, any and everyone whether you are homeless on the street, whether you have a million dollars, everyone has the right to ask what are you doing, why are you doing this,” Miller said.

Last year, after an investigation, the Department of Justice decided not to press charges against the cops, noting, “Accident, mistake, fear, negligence or bad judgment are not sufficient to establish such a criminal violation.”

Still, it looks like the case isn’t quite closed yet.

Photo by man pikin Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0