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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Taylor’d: A member of the typically inactive Greater U Street News email list opines sends to the group a photograph of trashcans outside the recently opened Taylor Gourmet location on 14th Street NW and writes, “In addition to the neighborhood being unhappy…. one would think that a restaurant wouldn’t want an army of garbage cans sitting in front of their front window!! What are they thinking of? Is this the future of 14th street? Garbage Cans on the sidwalk? Anyone know where a complaint of this nature should be filed?” “You should contact them directly if you’re concerned. They’re very responsive owners and do a lot in the community all around the city,” responds a second member. When the first responds that they don’t know how to get in touch with the shop, a third writes, “Just call the shop…I’m sure if either of them is in the shop or another manager is there they’d be glad to tackle your concerns. You could also just stop in.” A fourth member isn’t bothered by the trashcans either, adding, “Where would you like for them to put their trash cans on trash day? It’s no different than the cans that are on the sidewalk down T St with the side that doesn’t have a “thru” alleyway. Would it be better if there was trash all over the ground instead? Why the complaint about it? At least it’s not as bad as the battle on here with people fighting the owner of Busboys and Poets when that opened up.”

Who Moved My Cheese?: On the MPD 1D email list, a member reports, “We had our third UPS package this season stolen from under our porch steps. I have implored the UPS drivers to leave my packages only with a person, but this package was a gift (not ordered by us) and did not require a signature. The same thief may have also stolen our Christmas wreath off our front door. The wreath was hanging between our front door and storm door, so the person opened the storm door and took the wreath. Our neighbors did not see anything.” They ask, “Am I supposed to report these petty thefts to the police? The wreath was worth about $50. I am a stay-at-home parent, and usually home about 90% of the time, but the thieves do not seem to care if people are home.” Though no one from MPD has yet responded, another list member suggests, “Over the recent years, I have also had packages stolen from my front porch a few times. As a result, I purchased a portable motion detector. When I’m home and expecting a delivery, I simply place it on the porch to alert me (inside) of any moment…”

Our Town: “Is there a movement to rid of the speed radar at 1900 block Independence Ave SE? What can be done to protest this radar? I just received a ticket for going 35mph in that 25mph zone in the right lane out of the three lanes there on Christmas Eve. This incentivizes me to move out of this city. I’m tired of getting tickets at every turn in spite of trying to obey the law,” laments a member of the New Hill East email list. Other members aren’t nearly as frustrated with the speed camera; one says, “…My honest reaction…is that if “trying to obey the law” means driving 40% faster than the speed limit, then I’m not sure I’ll mourn your departure from DC. Families and kids — all of us here on this email list — walk and drive these streets every day, and it’s not a lot to ask that drivers obey the speed limit and keep everyone else safe,” while another merely writes, “Try harder to obey the law. You know how difficult it is to get a speed camera at that spot?”

Outsourcing: In a thread entitled, “Seeking a guest pass for NY State Bar swearing in ceremony,” a member of the Cleveland Park email list writes, “My nephew in New York City will be sworn into the New York State Bar at a ceremony in the next week or so. As is the norm, he was given only two guest passes. Does any Listserv member have an extra guest pass that you do not plan to use so that my younger sister in Rhode Island will be able to attend the swearing-in? Currently, my nephew’s wife and dad plan to use the guess passes, and my younger sister plans to meet them for a celebratory luncheon afterwards in New York City.” So far, no one has proffered an extra ticket.