A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Now it’s Overhead: “Welcome back to the neighborhood. Helicopters flying overhead here are a constant annoyance but I was unable to get anyone in Congresswoman [Eleanor Holmes] Norton‘s office to pay attention to this problem when I raised it with her staff in late 2009. I was advised by Mary Cheh‘s office at that time that this was a federal issue so I needed to raise it with Norton’s office. I spent 6 months or more tracking the helicopter overflights every single day (up to 12 times a day on the worst days) and, after documenting everything, submitted it in a nice little package to Norton’s office. I got the distinct impression that Norton’s office didn’t care about this very serious quality of life issue (perhaps because it’s not ‘sexy’ like D.C. voting rights). Based on my experience, there appears to be nothing we can do about the helicopters except get used to their noise and curse them every time they fly over our homes,” writes a member of the Chevy Chase email list in response to another, who started a thread with the complaint, “I am saddened to see there is a new development that has negatively impacted our quality of life and standard of living—the presence of helicopters.” Several other members, while acknowledging the annoyance, have reminded the miffed parties that helicopters are flown for a variety of reasons, such as training measures or, occasionally, police chases.

Too Old For This: On the MPD 5D email list, an MPD officer clarifies a reported carjacking with the following details: “While at the gas station at North Capitol and Florida, four men in a burgundy Cadillac were approached by four suspects wearing masks. The suspects forced the men from the car at gunpoint and stole it.” “Enough is enough! Just like the police shuts down nuisance clubs that are constant thorns in the sides of public safety, why can’t the mayor’s office or councilmembers shut down these same old gas stations that continue to allow their customers to be robbed,” responds a member of the email list. “There are simple steps a gas station can take, including cameras, signs stating cameras are present, security guards that are visible & barriers for one-way in & out to almost eliminate these kinds of crimes. It infuriates me because I’ve heard that there are less than 20 gas stations in this whole city, so if the police starts shutting down the crime-ridden ones, they will change because they make a lot of money! We hear from these young community activists on here all the time. I’m too old for this so feel free to take this idea and run with it,” the member concludes.

We Are All Not Brookland Kids: “It has come to our attention that a number of letters were recently sent to the DC Zoning Commission on improvised ‘Brookland Kids’ stationery, with our list’s email in the header in support of the proposed 901 Monroe development,” write the moderators of the Brookland Kids email list. “While we respect our members and neighbors engaging in the political process to promote or oppose new developments in our neighborhood, we do not appreciate the impression that this fabricated piece of stationery has given: that our entire list of members has one stance on the proposal. We know this isn’t true. You may claim your membership in the Brookland_Kids, but you may not represent it without express permission. We are highly protective of our community on many fronts. Members, please continue to express your opinions on development and political matters as individuals, not as representatives of our list.”

Crestwood, Dripping With Gratitude: A member of the Crestwood email list, who had lost a watch, posts this update: “During my morning run I hit a high spot on the side walk on the circle at Carter Baron & took a hard fall. Thankfully a rare occurrence, and equally blessed to have landed on grass instead of pavement. The band broke and the watch came off. A woman walking her dog picked it up and turned it in at the tennis office where I left my name and number, me checking back with Carter Baron several times. Then, a call & there it was. I remain inspired & some how renewed by the innate goodness of people doing right.”