WTOP’s Mark Plotkin is not pleased that President Barack Obama neglected to invite Mayor Vince Gray to the State of the Union address tonight.

Talk about a non-story!

True, Gray has never been invited to the speech by the president—he attended last year as a guest of Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (although, based on her less-than-pleased tone while discussing the mayor’s new Occupy-hostile stance in today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the protesters, he may be staying home this year). For what it’s worth, Adrian Fenty once turned down a White House invitation to sit with Laura Bush at a speech, and Tony Williams used to attend in the past.

But Gray isn’t exactly a household name outside the D.C. area, and it’s not like any of the TV pundits were going to bother identifying him for people watching the speech from home—and if they did, it’s not like they were going to suddenly go on a Howard Beale-style diatribe about D.C. voting rights. Though it’s good to see Plotkin has found a story that matters even less than what kind of license plates are on the presidential limo.