A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

How Local Is Local? “First of all, this sign is ambiguous, because what does ‘local traffic’ mean anyway??” writes a confused member of the New Hill East email list who doesn’t understand a new traffic sign indicating only local traffic can enter a street. “Cars with DC tags? Capitol Hill Residents only? Local to the DC area? Traffic going to that block only? Second of all, I know someone who recently received a warning ticket by the police for driving into the block. And third of all, the International Graduate School is suspicious and usually empty of any activity, and I am wondering if they are the ones responsible for having the sign put up by the city. So does anyone know why this sign is posted on this block and what the rational for it being there is? And finally, back to the original question, what constitutes ‘local traffic’?”Legal Lessons: A member of the East of the River email list wants to know what’s up with Ward 7 D.C. Council candidate Kevin Chavous after he was arrested for solicitation: “Matt Ackland @mattackland of Fox 5 in DC is tweeting this: ‘Kevin Chavous agrees to deferred prosecution. Will serve 32 hours community service. Charge dropped after 3 months if community service is carried out. Says he’s still running, but won’t give interviews.’ Deferred prosecution? Deferred for what? I understand that sometime you take a plea, even if not guilty because you can’t really prove your innocence and you might face more time if found guilty by a judge or a jury, but I don’t get the reason to defer a 32 hour community service sentence unless its that something immediate in pending…” Responds another member: “First time offenders for misdemeanors are eligible for Deferred Prosecution, which does not require a guilty plea. What is says is you may have innocently done something that was against the law.”

The Accidental Tourist Vacuum: Someone on the Tenleytown list has a vacuum you may want. Purchased in China and used there for 18 months. Accidentally packed and brought back with the rest of our belongings. In great condition, lightweight and easy to use, but only for use in an electrical system with 220v – 50Hz input. Perfect if you’re preparing to move your household overseas. Comes with all original parts, in its original storage box.”

More Police, Please: A member of the MPD 5D list is concerned about the lack of police presence. “Since the change of our PSA in the area of 18th D St NE there has not been any kind of police presence. Whereas, I am relatively new to the area, I still see the goings on and I have been well informed on the history of what has happened around here. It was pretty quiet when the last district was around-their presence was felt on a regular basis. Any chance we can see a police car drive through here a bit more?”