A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

If You See No Dog Poop, Must You Pick it Up? As members of the Navy Yard Neighbors email list discuss how to encourage residents to better manage their pet waste (one describes the carnage as “countless piles [this morning, we lost count after 50] of disgusting, smeared fecal matter”), someone writes, “Not to defend this behavior at all, but sometimes I really just cant SEE it. Those little grassy spots are DARK! I’m sorry to those that may have accidentally stepped in dog waste, but in the grass, you should know to step gingerly. As for the sidewalk offenders, I agree that it is extremely unacceptable. I also don’t care to step around puddles of dog urine on the sidewalk.” This doesn’t sit well with the majority of the list. “I would respectfully ask that you do better.  This is not just an issue of convenience – it is a disgusting and unhealthy problem in our neighborhood that has gotten increasingly worse. I would expect we would all have the same reaction if people threw garbage on our sidewalks and grassy spots,” writes one. “Is it a good excuse to throw garbage on the ground simply because we cannot see or find a garbage can? No, it is not. As to reminding people to step gingerly in the grass, again, this is not an issue of convenience.  I’m not worried about getting poop on the bottom of my shoe – I’m worried about people/dogs stepping it in, tracking it all over the sidewalks and into our homes, transmitting disease, and polluting our community.  I don’t think it is too much to ask to look where your dog is going to the bathroom and pick it up.  Or maybe going for walks in better lit areas – it’s probably safer to do that at night anyway.” And another member offers this suggestion: “As a dog owner, I have to agree with Mike and James here, and note that this kind of attitude is what starts to make neighborhoods and buildings decide to no longer welcome residents with pets. It’s certainly true that grassy spots are dark and hard to see at night, in the rain, etc., but I’ve found that my cell phone gives off enough light to function as a small flashlight (and I’ve found free flashlight apps that provide very strong light if you have a smartphone). Problem solved!”

Whereabouts: “Does anyone know what happened to our friend living under the Michigan Ave bridge? A neighbor saw him being taken away in an ambulance two days ago, and now all of his stuff is gone from under the bridge,” writes a member of the Brookland email list. The man in question was homeless, and took up residency under the bridge. “I’m not sure what happened but…I saw an older couple picking up the man’s things from under the bridge while he was there. I suspect that they were his family and that he was committed to a psychiatric hospital – hence the ambulance. I don’t really know that this is the case – just my guess,” writes a second member.

Walking Means You’re Dealing Drugs: “Lately I’ve seen a lot of unusual activity on Rittenhouse St NW between Georgia ave and Piney Branch Road. Individuals walking back and forth up and down the street. Other individuals standing around on the corner of 12st and Rittenhouse as if they were waiting for something or someone,” writes a member of the MPD 4D email list. “Have there been any reports of drug activity in or around the Wonder Chicken or some of the other businesses on the same side? We were having a lot of that same kind of activity in the summer. It seems like it is picking up again.”

I FULLY AGREE: On the Shepherd Park email list, the debate over whether speed cameras should be kept along 16th Street continues. Most of the list members appear in favor of the cameras, even in light of the fact that some members claim to have been improperly ticketed. “while i am sorry about the neighbors who were improperly ticketed i fully support the camera and would like to see more of them in our immediate area. people commuting from downtown to MD have no respect for those of us who live on 16th street and treat our neighborhood road like a highway going 60-70 miles an hour,” writes a member. They continue, “i also object to the notion that the camera should only be used during rush hour. people travel dangerously fast on 16th at all hours of the day and night. if you don’t live on 16th street you are welcome to sit on my stoop anytime and listen/watch. i know speed cameras are controversial but i don’t see any other option. even when they do have police in the area they have little impact.” “I FULLY AGREE. WE NEED MORE SPEED CAMERAS,” writes another.