A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Occupy Tenleytown: An email urging members of the Tenleytown email list to write to Mayor Vince Gray and the National Park Service in support of Occupy D.C., sent by Occupy activist Sam Jewler, garnered little support. “As one of the Occupy the Vote DC voting rights hunger strikers, I’m deeply dedicated to working not only on national issues, but on local issues as well. Occupy DC also has an Occupy Our Homes group beginning to work on protecting fellow Washingtonians from predatory foreclosures, and a group of people from Occupy DC joining the anti-WalMart campaigns around the city….If you believe in us, I’d like to humbly ask that you come out to support us on Monday, and that you make your support known to the mayor as soon as possible. Though the parks are under National Park Service jurisdiction, we know that the mayor has some influence over that agency’s actions,” read Jewler’s email. Though one member of the list wrote exuberantly, “RIGHT ON, SAM! The problem isn’t the occupation of McPherson Square, but rather the rampant economic, social and political injustices that are turning our country into a pitiful parody of its finest, truest self,” others aren’t so kind. “As a citizen (and taxpayer) who wishes I could once again enjoy the use of McPherson Square, I hope the police will enforce the ordinances on the books and run you and your compatriots out of there,” writes a second member. And a third says, “I have family visiting from out of town. They often complain of the high prices of DC hotels. I’m thinking about just telling them they can camp for free at McPherson Square.”

Rockin’ World: On the Ward 5 email list yesterday evening, a member wrote, “Sorry for such late notice but if you have palladia on Comcast they are showing the Queen live from the Montreal Forum from 1981 and for the person who is wondering yes I have a broad music taste and I do enjoy Queen as well. Truly think that Freddie Mercury was a musical genius.” No other Queen fans chimed in.

Not Quite a Burning Bush: In a thread titled “Stolen Shrub,” a member of the Burleith email list reports, “Last night, someone dug up a Hicks Yew shrub from our front garden and stole it. It was one of nine shrubs we just planted this past fall. We live on 35th Street. Has anyone else noticed anything missing?” In response, a second member writes, “No. But I heard someone yelling at 3:30 a.m. and the next morning my mom’s side mirror was broken while her car was parked on 36th and T.”

Video Service-y: A member of the For anyone who laments the demise of the nearby Blockbuster, I’d like to remind you that in Old Town Takoma Park there is a video store called Video Americain (after Rick’s Cafe Americain in “Casablanca” ) on Carroll Avenue, next to the Summer Delights ice cream store. It may seem a little esoteric to the unintiated, what with many titles listed by director (the auteur theory), but it’s a fine collection of video, and an independent, non-chain business.