“And as always, in parting, we wish you peace, love and soul.”Buttery voiced host of television classic Soul Train, Don Cornelius, shot himself this morning at his L.A. home. He was 75. We’re hoping Lou Rawls welcomed him through the pearly gates with a rendition of “You’ll Never Find.” -5

Booze Stings: Reporters at WUSA9 went undercover to find out where local kids are buying booze. Apparently, that place is in Northwest! Though they decline to name a neighborhood, reporters say they staked out the Town Square Market, which, going by Google, is in Foxhall Village. Anyway! It’s all very scary. “We approached a boy who had just purchased alcohol and identified ourselves as journalists. We asked him if he had purchases alcohol and if he was under the age of 21. He simply said: ‘Sorry.'” No word on how many kids are buying booze underage versus how many are getting it from their parents’ liquor cabinets. -2

Breaking Bad, D.C. Style: There may be a meth lab in at least one D.C. apartment in Logan Circle. Or, “Northwest” as WUSA9 puts it. (Seriously, guys, Northwest is a huge place). “Police tell 9 NEWS NOW a fire broke out in a fourth floor apartment in the 1600 block of R Street shortly before midnight. An investigation into the cause of the fire led to the discovery of suspicious materials which may indicate a meth lab was being operated in the apartment.” While entrepreneurship is to be commended, endangering one’s neighbors is not. -2

Out With The iGaming: Well, if the District is going to keep improperly awarding contracts, then it’s at least a good thing that they pause to rethink them before they go into effect. The Council voted to repeal internet gaming in the District, the Post reports: “Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) acknowledged that city residents aren’t necessarily opposed to Internet gambling generally. ‘But it became clear they didn’t trust the process,’ she said.” +6

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