A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Hulk Smash: On the Chevy Chase email list, a member asks, “I have finally given up on the 50-year old family piano – will not stay in tune and has just stopped playing notes accurately, or at all! Any idea how to dispose of this hulk? Thanks for any suggestions.” After a brief radio silence, the poster writes, “Just want to check again – does anyone have ideas about getting rid of this hulk?” In response, a second member says, “I would think it would be possible to rebuild it and anyone seeking a piano might be willing to do that in exchange for getting a grand! It should be less expensive than buying a new one,” and suggests Piano Craft in Gaithersburg. A third member says, “And perhaps check with some of the local universities, particularly those with good music programs? Catholic University comes to mind.”

Mysterious Ways: “I’ve been reading about all the car break-ins on this and the CP [email list] and I’m curious if anyone has had their car broken into without the window being smashed,” inquires a member of the Cleveland Park email list. She explains, “Last night my husband went to get his iPhone car charger out of the center console, and we realized that and our GPS were missing. We made a thorough search of our car and apartment and can’t find it, which makes me think they were stolen. We’re so confused though because no damage has occurred to our car and we didn’t even notice someone had been in the car. We also have no idea when or where the break-in occurred. Thought I’d check to see if this has happened to anyone else recently. I guess we’re lucky we don’t have to repair a window as well as replace our stuff.”

Occupy the Robots: A member of the Adams Morgan email list sends this message, unprompted, to the group: “I enjoy the Occupy Movement’s call for ‘Ending the Wars’ to help cut the deficit. Nearly half of the US Federal budget goes to killing humans and the planet.  This morass of expenditures on death hurts us in Adams Morgan where social programs are being cut as Federal investments to communities are cut. Social cuts across the board are being put on the table (healthcare, housing, and senior services all for Americans), but you’ll hardly hear Congress pledge to have meaningful discussion about cutting the war machine.” He continues, ” That is until most recently, but when they do talk about it, they only suggest relatively minor cuts or implementing the idea of replacing soldiers with robots to save money.  I can’t help but wonder, will they be filming the next Terminator movie in Adams Morgan?” Another member of the list may wish that robots had replaced city employees; they inquire, “So now that it’s February I have to ask. When will the Christmas trees that have been sitting on the curb for over a month be picked up?”

Just Sayin’: “If this city ran the public schools with the efficiency with which it runs parking enforcement, we would be golden. Yes, I got another parking ticket (literally SECONDS after my paid time ran out),” writes a member of the Crestwood email list. She signs her message, “(parent of a teenager who has spent 11 years in DCPS).”