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Turn Out The Lights: It always feels a little Christmas-y in Adams Morgan, thanks to the illuminated martini glass, music note, coffee cup, and shoe that have been hanging from lightposts in the neighborhood for the last decade. But like a tree that’s dropped all its needles and needs to go out to the curb, the lights will soon be retired. The Business Improvement District in the area is replacing them with banners, like the ones that have popped up everywhere else in the District recently. On the plus side: The lights look sort of silly. On the minus side: So do banners. +1

A Drum Major For Accurate Quotes: A mere six months after people realized the National Park Service had bowdlerized Martin Luther King Jr. in inscribing a quote of his on a new memorial to the civil rights leader, the agency is getting around to fixing it. The solution—recutting the memorial slightly to fit the actual words King uttered, not the paraphrased version—turned out to be so simple that it’s tempting to wonder why they didn’t just do it that way the first time around. But that way lies madness! +2

Vegas, Baby: The real test of whether local favorite Lamont Peterson benefited from home judging, as Amir Khan‘s fans allege, in their boxing championship match here last year will come soon enough. Peterson and Khan will have a rematch in May nowhere near the District—specifically, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. If only the D.C. Council hadn’t repealed iGaming, maybe we could just declare the D.C. Convention Center a casino and hold the fight here. -1

The Discontent Of Our Winter: Two years ago at this time, there was a record amount of snow on the ground and the District was pretty much paralyzed by the effects of two massive snowstorms in a row. This year, the winter’s been so odd that the forecast for Saturday—a dusting of light snow showers—seems like the 2012 equivalent. Just ask the D.C. Department of Public Works, which commemorated the weather advisory by posting a photo of snowboarders on its Facebook page. +2

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