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The Eagle notes that AU is no longer directly involved with a Nigerian school it helped found in 2005, the American University of Nigeria (AUN):

AUN, located in Yola, was founded in January 2004 as a collaborative effort between AU and the vice president of Nigeria and prominent businessman Atiku Abubakar.

AU and the school had a five-year contract that ended in 2009. During those five years AU developed and provided support for all aspects of the school. AU then renewed the contract for one-year terms until December 2011.

“AUN continues to mature as an institution, has graduated three classes of undergraduates and is now well positioned to function more independently,” [AU President Cornelius] Kerwin said in his memorandum. “Therefore, AU and AUN leaders mutually agreed to end our consultancy when the contract expired at the end of 2011.”

Dr. Robert Pastor, a professor in the School of International Service and the vice president of International Affairs at AU from 2002 – 2007, spearheaded the project of developing the American University in Nigeria.

“One of my jobs was to explore new ways to relate AU to the world, such as setting up universities abroad,” Pastor said.

AUN was the first American-style University in Nigeria, as opposed to the traditional British-style non-interactive education, and is now the best private university in Sub-Saharan Africa, Pastor said.

Huh. Well, at least the logos remain similar.