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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Deadly Ambulance Noise: On the Brookland email list, a residet quotes the city code on ambulance siren noise—which he says has been plaguing the neighborhood—and adds some rather frustrated commentary: “712.4 Whenever an emergency vehicle is equipped with a siren (this new excessively POWERFUL siren wasn’t even invented when this law was adopted) “SHALL NOT BE USED EXCEPT WHEN THE VEHICLE IS BEING OPERATED IN RESPONSE TO AN EMERGENCY CALL; OR IN THE IMMEDIATE PURSUIT OF AN ACTUAL OR SUSTECTED VIOLATOR OF THE LAW, IN WHICH CASE, THE OPERATOR OF THE VEHICLE SHALL SOUND THE SIREN WHENNECESSARY TO WARN PEDESTRIANS AND OTHER DRIVERS OF THE APPROACH OF THE VEHICLE”. This means an actual obstruction , something really there. This also means that there is a medical urgency and the siren really affords the faster transport. how can a vehicle travellin less than 25 miles per hour unobstructed arrive anywhere faster than the pitiful slow speed? That is why when, when we see the ambulance ‘ tooling’ along so slowly, it is uinfuriating to be bombarded by destreructive noise FOR NOTHING!!!.This also means that the patient in the ambulance will not have their condition damged by excessive sirens, like an asthma, pregnant woman, epileptic or a  heart attack patient. Who knows how many people your excessive sirens have killed by shear inane disturbing noise for nothing!”

Not Robbed At Gunpoint, But Still: A member of the MPD 5D email list writes: “I’m not sure where to address this or what can be done, but I feel helpless and hopeless to repeated vandalism. I walked out my door this morning to find that sometime during the night someone had used a permanent marker or paint to write/draw on the brick wall to the left of my doorway. Counting the stolen plants, stolen stepping stones, destroyed planter pots, bashed in garage door, and 3 occurrences of spray-painted graffiti, this is the 12th time our R Street and Lincoln Road NE property has been vandalized or robbed in the two years and three months since we moved into it. Each incident on its own may seem somewhat insignificant and maybe we should just be happy that we haven’t been mugged at gunpoint yet, but when you look at the combined losses and expenses it is very troublesome. It makes me angry, as well as discouraged. I wish the police force could do something to put an end to the ongoing criminal activity in the area. I wonder, if I catch the criminals in the act on my own security camera, will DC police do anything to apprehend and punish them?”

My Ward 7 Valentine: “Despite the things that stretch us far and wide, I am forever discovering elastic pieces of humanity, compassion, and love to spring us back to the temple of our familiar where we can celebrate and appreciate with fond memories, all that meld and weld us into this wonderful existence of community,” writes a member of the East of the River email list. “Though we may appear to be nothing more than a thorny rose bush in an unattended garden, we continually blossom in full bloom and clog even the most offensive nose with a fragance so aromatic, no matter what others may say about us, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

Zambia, ISO: A member of the New Hill East email list has a request on behalf of a childcare worker: “Margaret, a wonderful nanny and friend on Capital HIll will return to Zambia to teach her grandchildren and her village children about her faith. Also, she is dreaming of returning with a few instruments to bring more
musical events to her church. She cannot buy these things because they are not available even if she had
the money. Please email me if you have something you wish to donate. She will be leaving in March.”