Dead Bird Commute: Commuters complained about congestion on I-95 this afternoon as crews stopped traffic to clean up the bodies of hundreds of dead birds that had fallen onto highway. “Inspectors from the Maryland Highway State Administration think the birds were killed after flying into huge power lines that cross the highway and are secured by large towers on either side.” Good that they cleaned them up, but isn’t this one of the signs of the apocalypse aflockalypse? -2

Snow’s Possible, But Not Probable: WJLA’s Adam Caskey sorts out whether there will be snow this weekend: “I am an absolute snow lover, and I’d love to put snow in the forecast for the weekend, but I simply can’t do that yet because it’d just be a ‘wishcast,’ which does no good. I do think snowfall is a slight possibility this weekend in the D.C. area, however, I currently believe it is unlikely.” As an absolute snow tolerator, we are in favor of this forecast. More February sunlight and warm bike rides, please!  +4

Oh, Roseanne: The one-and-only Roseanne Barr roughed up a young Republican on Twitter over some comments about Occupy D.C., DCist reports. She opined that the kid was a “total commie idiot—doesnt even know what he is saying.” Barr is also seeking the Green Party nomination.  +1

60 Percent Of District Residents Use Transit: With the third-highest share of public transit riders in the country, about 14 percent of Washington metro area residents take transit to commute. Which, TBD’s John Hendel points out, sounds low. But, he adds: “To say that only 14% of the D.C. metro region commutes by transit is correct but don’t forget the nearly 60% in the District itself who don’t commute by car. Numbers can create a misleading impression about how transportation works in our city if you don’t parse them enough.” Fair! +1

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