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A Dream Not Yet Deferred: Mayor Vince Gray just won’t let the idea of a Redskins training facility at Reservation 13 go. Though there are plans for a mixed-use development at the site, on which RFK Stadium, the D.C. Jail, and the old D.C. General Hospital currently sit, they’ve been put on hold so that Gray can continue discussions about the existence of a training facility. Local Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners aren’t too pleased, and neither is the smart-growth set; to be sure, the energy that Gray is putting into relocating the training facility—from Ashburn to Reservation 13 seems a bit misguided when there are already plans for dynamic, mixed-use neighborhood infill. -3

Dipset: The latest installment of mostly male, mostly white House of Representatives’ protracted discussion of what it thinks women should do with their bodies (specifically, whether employers and insurers should be required to cover birth control): Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) refused to allow a female Georgetown University law student to testify on a panel at today’s House Oversight Committee hearing. D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and Rep. Carol Maloney (D-N.Y.) walked out in protest. -3

Congress and the Feds are Just Like Us: On “Managing Morale,” a special report on, well, the state of morale amongst federal government employees by WTOP arm Federal News Radio, explains in its most recent installment that Congress feels the pain of the feds. Isn’t that nice? -1

NO LUCK: Guy gets vanity tags put on his car that read “NO TAGS.” Guy claims he’s racked up $20,000 in parking tickets but that he’s done nothing to deserve any of them. Turns out guy has run into city ticket-writing bureaucracy: When ticket-writers cite cars without tags, they fill in “NO TAGS” instead of a plate number. DMV computer systems slap guy’s car with said tickets. (Per a DMV spokeswoman, though, the “NO TAGS” car has only received 19 tickets totaling $2,850, including late fees, since 2002.) -2

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