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Uh oh, Marion Barry is a bit upset by a newly leaked “diss track” from Larry Pretlow, the 22-year-old who ran for ANC in Ward 8 in 2010 (and lost) and suggested he’d be running for Barry’s seat on the D.C. Council in the future. At the time, Barry told TBD: “Good luck. He won’t get it any time soon.”

Pretlow later ran for a seat on the State Board of Education, but lost to Trayon White—though he’s apparently mending fences with some former opponents.

Now, DMV Pulse says the former mayor-for-life is “outraged” by the new cut from Pretlow’s rap alter-ego, LaPret:

Sources close to Barry, reported to us via telephone conversation on Thursday that the song reached Barry’s office on the day before and was brought to the Councilman’s attention – upon hearing the record (not sure if he heard the clean or explicit version) Barry became outraged.

My ears for lyrics aren’t what they used to be, but here’s my interpretation of LaPret’s verse mentioning the mayor:

Mayor-for-life, they re-elect
And whenever they do that we suffer lack
See I’m the next mayor, head the Wilson Building
Hold the key to the city, ‘cuz I drop millions
On and on and on I can go
About what they write and what you don’t know
on and on and on I can go
So call Spike Lee, tell him get me a show

Listen to the track:
LaPret Problem in Harlem Explicit 320

We’re reaching out to Pretlow for comment.