During the D.C. Council taxi reg hearing last month, one thing several cab drivers grumbled about was the death of shared riding, where they could cart multiple riders with multiple destinations (one even suggested ride sharing would be a solution for people going to parts of D.C. where it’s hard to catch a cab). Now, the Taxicab Commission is bringing it back for Nats games:

The commission says shared riding, in which separate groups of passengers may get in the same taxicab if they are heading the same way, is needed to quell disorder and stop the use of unlicensed cabs from surrounding areas that are “illegally pilfering” fares from the District’s licensed drivers.

Under the new rule, people who want a cab must get in line at a taxi stand near the intersection of M and South Capitol streets, Mr. Linton said. The line will run westward on the side north side of M Street.

Photo by Matt Dunn