Help Name The Silver Line Stations: Naming (and re-naming) Metro stations always turns into a mess of trouble, so of course it’s time to do it again. WMATA is surveying residents about names for the forthcoming Silver Line stations. Requirements: names must be relevant, brief, unique, and evocative. The suggested names are certainly relevant and brief, but we’re not sure how more creative qualities like uniqueness and evocativeness fit in. -1

Fight For Your Right To Speed: Residents are starting a petition to make speed camera tickets less costly. Tickets currently can range from $75 to $250, depending on how far over the limit the driver is. Fine-fighters may not get much ground, however: Most tickets go to out-of-state drivers who can stop speeding, cbut an’t exactly vote local politicians out of office in anger. +2

Jazzy Ladies: Washington City Paper contributor Michael J. West takes notice of how much the local Washington Women In Jazz Festival has grown: “The one-week event is jam-packed with eight performances (not to mention a preview show next weekend), across as many venues—and one’s in Baltimore. Spread across those performances are over a dozen women of major jazz chops; six of them alone will appear at the festival’s opening night. Bormet and company are some hardcore jazz ladies, and they’ve built up a hell of a jazz festival.” +3

Brick By Brick: The National Cathedral is being rebuilt, one brick at a time, by stonemasons who are trying to restore the building to its pre-earthquake glory. “The early restoration work is expected to cost about $15 million, but the total cost to get the structure back to its pre-earthquake condition could be upwards of $25 million.” Hope it’s tax deductible! +1

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