A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

How to Eat Fried Worms: Someone in Takoma Park is really dedicated to being eco-friendly. She posted a request on the neighborhood email list for contributions to her backyard worm-composting system, as it has “grown and grown to the point where my family no longer provides enough input for it.” One of her neighbors “hopes everyone covers their compost 😉 as veggies attract rodents AND raccoons who then destroy homes by nesting in them.” This concerned Takoma Park resident headed off any accusations of un-neighborly pettiness, adding “seem petty? Try paying the profs $1500+ to get rid of raccoons!” Another neighbor replied that raccoons are probably more attracted by “meat scraps in the garbage than any veggie scraps in the compost.” In fact, this person “once saw a squirrel run off with a whole fried chicken drumstick in its mouth.” Pest problems aside, the composter’s request comes from a place of neighborhood unity—she “would love to establish [a] relationship with neighbors who want to save their vegetable waste for composting.” Her concerned neighbor’s response to the sentiment: “Yes we are all one and interconnected. Thanks for being thoughtful! Happy, safe composting :-)”

Pizza the Hut: There’s a rogue pizza delivery man on the loose. Someone on the MPD 1D email list recently wrote, “Three times now I have seen a pizza delivery guy for Pizza Bolis completely blow through the stop signs in my neighborhood (south of the Hill Center).” Apparently, the mystery delivery man in a white Toyata just barely slows down to acknowledge the stop sign “(and he was pushing the speed limit).” An MPD lieutenant responded to say the information had been relayed to neighborhood units. As they—that is, Ward 1 residents—say, “no pizza is worth someone being injured or killed.”

Notorious G-O-P: Someone on the East of the River email list is wondering if the Ward 7 Republican Party is planning any forums for the upcoming city council election—or, for that matter, if a Ward 7 Republican Party exists at all. “I asked because typically the Ward 7 Democrats’ forum hosts democrats vying for the council seat and I was interested in knowing if the GOP are doing likewise for their candidates,” she writes. Another member—“a staunch Democrat”—replies that they can’t really speak to the status of the Ward 7 GOP. Then the Old South contingent chimed in: “I am probably the closest thing to a Republican in Wards 7/8…I am a White southerner who was registered as a Democrat ever since I was eligible to vote…you might say part of the Solid South.” He admits his perspective is probably “a bit different than most of our neighbors,” going on to explain, “we have been silent of observers of this forum for a long time; do you want to hear from us? My forebears were part of the Confederate army so I will understand if we are not welcome on this forum, but we have a point of view that might be interesting to some readers. We love this city and particularly the soil of Wards 7 and 8 since we have very deep roots here.” Although his message ends with, “please advise,” so far no one has responded.

“We want to pump you up”: Someone on the Dupont email list wants to help you get ripped. He’s a self-described “life long fitness nut who enjoys coming up with challenging routines.” Lately, he’s been doing “body weight only routines outside,” in Rock Creek Park. He assures other members that “your heart rate never stops and you get cardio and max muscle work.” He’s on the market for a workout partner.