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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

“Here Comes the Sun”: Some members of the Georgetown email list are upset about students’ clearly distasteful sunbathing habits. One member writes “The joy of these recent beautiful, sunny days have been somewhat mitigated for me by the sight of bare-chested, boxer-shorted GU students sunbathing on their front stoop right out on the sidewalk. To add insult to injury, these men are sprawled out on old beat up lawn chairs. I am not talking about a real porch here, but rather the top stair of the front entrance of their run down student house.” He goes on to explain that not only were they sunbathing but, “They were recently flipping burgers on a barbecue grill out there, too!!” Truly, the sight is “very down-market, low rent, college dorm.” Though NNR’s colleague Shani Hilton commented on this anecdote earlier this week, there’s still more discourse on the email list. Another neighbor suggests several solutions to the shirtless problem, including: “A. Pass out free t-shirts celebrating G-town or your block, maybe the University. B. Find as many men on the block like me, lol, that are not in the prime of youth and ask them if they’ll participate in a competing cookout on your front stoop. Few young people like to be reminded of what is to come so you may find the message to be very effective.” Bring on the shirtless barbecue standoff of 2012.

Bureaucrazy: A member of the Chevy Chase email list has had it up to here with the District government’s bureaucracy. It seems like her street name was misspelled on her Medicare forms. “I went to the Social Security website and after a bit of searching found ‘address change’ on the list of things that can be done online. I worked through the questions, hit ‘continue’ and – you guessed it – got the message that I can’t change my address online,” she writes. “They helpfully provide a phone number… I have done the telephone routine before and just don’t have the heart to go through that maze. So I figure if the misspelled address got the original letter here, I’ll just let it be. All the while, I kept hearing the refrain, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.’”

“Bicycle Race”: Someone in the MPD 3D email list is really, really annoyed that people ride their bikes on the sidewalk. “I use my bike as my primary form of transport. I am 63 years old, not a bike messenger, not a fixie devotee, just an old guy on a 1959 and 1964 Raleigh three-speed, who, rain or snow, commutes to work, runs errands, goes from place to place primarily on my bike. I only sometimes walk, I sometimes drive my Jeep Wrangler to get out of town,” he writes. And he has experience riding in the street: “Growing up in urban New Jersey, my Mommy let me ride on the street with the big kids in car, truck and bus traffic, a long, long time ago. I do not understand DeeCee’s coddling policy of allowing adults without training wheels to ride on sidewalks. It’s dangerous and stupid…What’s wrong with this city? In New York City, no one is allowed to ride their bike on the sidewalk. That’s Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. No one. How do we change the law? None of this stupid zone-restricted sidewalk-riding, that virtually no one obeys.” The rant goes on to detail the rules of the road for bikers and drivers.

Sign of the Times: Someone in Takoma Park has it in for Muriel Bowser supporters. One subscriber writes that there has been a slew of campaign sign thefts and vandalism. “We had three (we’re obviously big fans of Muriel’s), but now there’s only one. Previous ones have been vandalized – with paint and knife slashes. Disgusting,” writes a neighbor. Although the signage incidents have targeted Bowser’s campaign, another neighbor is certain that the perpetrators are acting independently: And, at the same time, Judi Jones signs have increased on my block. No change in the number or position of the Jaahi or the Gurley signs, just the Jones signs. Now, I know some of the Jones volunteers and I have met Ms. Jones and I am so sure they would not be involved in something like this…”