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Good morning from Washington City Paper! It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to go pick up the dead-tree edition. Also: We’re finally out of February.

LEADING THE MORNING NEWS: Metro forgets there was a homicide on the system. Again. [Examiner] Occupy D.C. “starting to win,” they say. [Examiner] Virginia Democrats block state budget. [Times] Unhappy Jack Evans still happy to be a career politician. [Post] D.C. Council may make it slightly easier for you to get a gun. [Post] Federal workers rallied to protest budget cuts. [WAMU] Foreclosure rates are down in the Washington metro area. [WTOP]

YOUR DAILY QUALITY-OF-LIFE MEASUREMENT: Yesterday, City Paper‘s Needle went down by 1 point. The bad news: Legendary WRC anchor Joe Krebs is retiring afte 32 years. The good news: The Fojol Bros. food trucks are ranked in the top 20 best trucks in the nation. Take a look here.


This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Loose Lips Alan Suderman reports that D.C. councilmembers Marion Barry and Jack Evans really, really, really want to be delegates at the Democratic National Convention this year. “On Saturday, District Democrats will vote to fill 14 delegate slots (for the full details of the complicated way the District’s 44 delegates get chosen, see here). Barry and Evans have teamed up to form the ‘DC’s Official Obama 2012 Slate,’ which also includes Mayor Vince Gray‘s deputy chief of staff,Sheila Bunn, and Councilmember Michael Brown’s spokesman David Meadows. The slate is paying for two buses to drive Barry and Evans supporters to the University of the District of Columbia, where Saturday’s voting will take place, Evans says.” Worth noting: There are three slots open for elected officials which Barry and Evans could be competing for instead.

Here Comes The Budget: Housing Complex’s Lydia DePillis notes that the budget surplus has to stay in the bank: “Due to both fiscal austerity and a whack of unanticipated revenue from capital gains, income withholding, and estate taxes (thank you, dead rich people), we ended up with a $240 million surplus in fiscal year 2011—which advocates for housing, libraries, and other priorities immediately coveted. But Gray’s budget people are adamant it can’t be spent, because of a promise made to the Wall Street rating agencies that reserves wouldn’t be spent down. ‘It’s our reputation,’ Gray has said on multiple occasions.”

Pancake Mountain Is No More: Read Arts Desk editor Jonathan L. Fischer’s lament: “It was programming for kids without any bullshit or pandering. The program started in 2002 in D.C. and over the years featured hyperactive children’s dance parties, goofy sketches, and kids-tailored performances by DeerhoofThe MelvinsArcade FireBuilt to Spill,Flaming Lips, and countless other indie rockers. Fugazi‘s Brendan Canty and Bikini Kill‘s Kathi Wilcox penned the original theme song. Pancake Mountain is the reason The Evens are occasionally heckled with requests to play a song called ‘Vowel Movement.’

PORC Truck To Restaurant: Reports Chris Shott: “Add the crew behind the popular Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine (PORC) Mobile to the growing list of local food truck operators who are also opening a more traditional brick-and-mortar-style restaurant, too. A rep for PORC founders Josh Saltzman and Trent Allen tells Y&H that the pair are partnering with fellow University of Michigan alum Chris Powers and D.C. native Peyton Sherwood on an actual storefront, specifically the formerAcuario space, located at 3412 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights. The target opening date is, well, “sometime between early spring and fall 2016,” according to the rep.”

Unemployment In D.C. Is Really Low If You’re White: A new chart from the Economic Policy Institute notes that unemployment for D.C.’s white residents is at 3.3 percent. For black residents it’s 20.3 percent.

Let The Composting Wars Begin: DePillis finds that composting is suddenly the cause du jour of local supermarkets: “Last year, Safeway puffed its chest a little bit over being the only major grocery chain in D.C. to compost its food waste—at one store, the new LEED Gold-certified Social Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue. Now, says a spokesman, all their stores are composting, making them the biggest composter on the East Coast. Well, in the ongoing and eternal D.C. grocery store wars, Giant wouldn’t let that stand: They just signed a contract with a company called Casella to start composting at all six D.C. stores within the next 30 to 60 days. That’s going to matter a lot, given that Giant estimates between 40 and 60 percent of its landfill waste is organics.”

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Woman With A Gold Hat

OF NOTE: Google changes its privacy policy today. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a primer on how to keep your privacy (more) protected.


LOOSE LIPS DAILY POLITICS LINKS, by Alan Suderman (tips? lips@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Is today Councilmember Jack Evans’s unofficial campaign kickoff for mayor/chairman? [Post]
  • Council committee approves bill that would make buying a gun in D.C. easier. [Times]
  • Deborah Simmons likes Kevin Chavous The Younger’s education ideas. [Times]
  • Occupy D.C. says it has got its groove back. [Examiner]
  • Ward 4 challenger Max Skolnik gets on Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s case about cell phone bill. [Post]
  • At-large hopeful Peter Shapiro didn’t vote in last at-large race. [Post]
  • More info needed on job training programs, please. [WAMU]
  • NBC4’s investigative team goes to bat for unpaid road contractors. [NBC]
  • MPD still six months away from having working breathalysers. [Fox5]
  • Do you always feel like MPD is watching you? [Times]

REAL ESTATE AND DEVELOPMENT LINKS, by Housing Complex blogger Lydia DePillis (tips? housingcomplex@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Did Occupy D.C. save Bertina Jones‘ house? [DCist]
  • Ritziniess on Rhode Island Avenue. [Urbanturf]
  • Mega 7-11 coming to Georgetown. [Patch]
  • Acme Stove building, unveiled. [PoP]
  • PORC gets brick’d. [Y&H]
  • Housing regression. [PatternCities]
  • Now that’s some real estate appreciation. [NYO]
  • And that’s a holdout. [GOOD]
  • Eurovision fans, know the cost! [AtlanticCities]
  • Please welcome your third carsharing option: Car2Go. [TBD]
  • Hispanics and Asians spread out. [Examiner]
  • Sky House. That’s catchy. [DCmetrocentric]
  • Walk scoring the nation’s Metro systems. [GGW]
  • Social service agencies can actually improve neighborhoods. [DCentric]
  • Little ways to improve transportation in Ward 7. [GGW]
  • Today on the market: Charming older home that needs some caring.

ARTS LINKS, by Jonathan L. Fischer (tips? artsdesk@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • New designs for the National Museum of the U.S. Army in Fort Belvoir, Va. [The Style Blog]
  • TV show not set in the District to be film in the District. [NBC Washington]
  • Local music superfan Pat Walsh shares some favorite D.C. tunes with Danger Mike. [Radio CPR Dissonance]
  • The film show at DCIFF whose name we dare not say. [Post]
  • Arena Smith Artistic Director Molly Smith is more sophisticated than you in every way, or so I must conclude from this tweet: “Fish allergies removed by German homeopath: now eating lovely arctic char with sun chokes at Montmartre on the Hill before theater at Folger.” [Twitter]
  • Kojo playlists Ja Rule. [Twitter]
  • Artist, curator, and Washington City Paper art critic Jeffry Cudlin drops the curtain on his excellent personal blog. [Hatchets and Skewers]

FOOD LINKS, by Young & Hungry columnist Chris Shott (tips? hungry@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • A bill to require D.C. food trucks to collect the usual 10 percent sales tax is headed back to D.C. Council. [Blade]
  • Early intel on Bar Pilar‘s new upstairs dining room; plus, pics from inside. [WashingtonianBYT]
  • Peregrine Espresso‘s Lindsey Kiser is headed to the U.S. Barista Championship. [Fresh Cup]
  • Spike Mendelsohn has devised a new frequent flier-style points program for Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza patrons. [Roll Call]
  • Oval Room‘s Cicely Austin is among the latest Top Chef hopefuls. [Post]
  • A low-ball estimate? Carmine’s sells roughly 1,800 meatballs a week. [City Eats]
  • FiolaPearl Dive Oyster Palace rank among America’s 20 hottest new restaurants. [Restaurant Management]
  • Some footage from Fujimar‘s splashy grand opening party. [YouTube]
  • Comic relief: Dirtfarm dines out for a change. [Arts Desk]