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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Quelle OUTRAGE in Georgetown: The discourse on the Georgetown Forum email list over sunbathing students from the neighborhood university just won’t stop. The most recent member to weigh in finds the situation as ridiculous as we do: “Really, sunbathing, I mean really, this is what you are upset about?! For crimminy’s sake get some perspective and stop being such a nancypants fussbudget. Equating sunbathing with drunken parties, really? Shirtless teenagers and 20-somethings lying about on old chaise lounges, really, WHAT A SCANDAL. Start a rental concession like at the beaches—you offer chairs and beach umbrellas. I agree with my friend and neighbor Michael what a nuisance it is that so many people of all stripes and ages dare to enjoy public spaces; quelle OUTRAGE! And by the way, your property value, if you live in west georgetown, is already in the tank because of the university. Jeeeesh.”

Two for One: In a thread titled, “recs for alterations and dog-friendly house cleaner,” a member of the TakomaDC email list asks, “I could use a couple of recommendations. First of all, I need to get some suits tailored. Maggy’s list has a place on Fenton in Silver Spring but they must be closed. Their number is out of order. I am open to a shop or someone who does it out of their house.” But that’s not all! “I am also looking for someone to clean for me twice a month. I have a very friendly but large black lab so I need someone who is comfortable being alone with her while I am at work. Any suggestions that you could offer would be much appreciated.”

Hey, It Could be a Bugaboo: “I am wondering if anyone has an old Maclaren in their garage, gathering dust, that they would be willing to part with? Our youngest child is 4 and our stroller has gone missing. She is so close to being out of it that I cannot bring myself to buy a new one. We just keep it in the trunk for the occasional times we need it, so it does not matter about stains or tear, or anything fancy. It just needs to work,” writes a member of the Cleveland Park email list.

Whither Victim-Blaming?: A discussion of unruly behavior by both cyclists and drivers on the Shaw Neighborhood email list includes these epithets: “Sorry, I forgot to mention f-head drunk drivers who should have their licenses permanently stripped when caught,” writes one. “Bikers should have one wheel taken away for every driver side window they get caught spitting on,” writes another; a third retorts, “Maybe we could impose a slightly more Hammurabic solution like a car driver should have a finger removed for every time they door a cyclist. We can start from the outside edge if the non-dominant hand.” The conversation has spilled over onto the MPD 3D email list, where a member forwards the aforementioned thread and adds, “One way to lessen the number of opening-door crashes (was just involved in one myself)—is to put bike lanes on one-way streets on the left side of the road of parked cars as they do in Manhattan. There is the issue, however, of the driver’s ‘blind spot’ on the passenger side when pulling out of a left-hand side parking place. So it might even out…” The poster continues, “Don’t get me started on bikers who ride in the opposite direction of traffic. That’s really suicidal—drivers pulling out of a parking place are not looking ahead when pulling out. This is not rural North Carolina. There is definitely a cultural thing going on here—or some folks just didn’t get (or can’t read) the memo…but you can see those goofy cartoons stenciled on bike lanes with arrows the point the direction you’re supposed to ride in.”