Parking Profits: It turns out you’re not making it up—D.C. actually does issue more parking tickets than most other cities. That’s according to data AAA Mid-Atlantic got via a Freedom of Information Act request, which showed the District collected more in fines last year than ever before and that the city’s 17,000 metered spaces generated $40 million in revenue, about as much as Los Angeles took in with twice the number of meters. But there’s an easy solution if you don’t want to pay a parking ticket: Pay the meter. And if tickets and meters can help fund the city’s budget, we’re all for ’em. +1

It’s All At The Mall: First came bikes. Up next for the National Mall: Food trucks? If D.C.’s chief planner, Harriet Tregoning, gets her way, that’ll happen sometime soon. Only problem is, of course, that what happens on the Mall isn’t up to the city. Chances are you’ll still be cursing the lack of decent food options by the monuments the next time your relatives come visit, too. +1

Bounty Hunters: Add to the list of problems the Washington Redskins will face next season, besides the lack of a decent quarterback, some sort of NFL sanctions. That’s because the team admits that when former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was here, they paid bounties to hurt opposing players. The league is investigating the New Orleans Saints, where Williams went after leaving D.C., as well as the Redskins. The worst punishment, of course, would be for the NFL to make the ‘Skins re-sign Albert Haynesworth. -2

Hot, Then Cold: Maybe climate change isn’t so bad, after all. Experts say the unusually warm winter D.C. has had so far (today’s snow flurries notwithstanding) probably presage not an unusually hot summer, but an unseasonably cool one. Of course, that just means it’ll be 92 degrees instead of 102. But still—come August, you’ll be glad for any break. +1

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