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Kiwi Watch: The National Zoo clucks over its latest addition, a kiwi chick that hatched overnight: “As devoted kiwi cam watchers may already know, a second kiwi chick hatched yesterday, March 7! At 4:15 a.m. that morning, the cam still showed a pipping egg. By the time keepers arrived just before 6 a.m. they found a peeping kiwi chick just picking off the last pieces of egg shell.” It is adorable, and you can see for yourself on the zoo’s “Kiwi Cam.” +4

The $70,000 Pile Of Polos: There’s nearly $70 grand in D.C. Fire Department shirts sitting in storage, all because they’ve got two strikes against them: They’re polo style, and they have the wrong logo on them. The 1,750 shirts cost $39 each. Confidential to Chief Kenneth Ellerbee: We don’t think anyone cares what your firefighters are wearing when they show up to put out a fire. -3

A Date With The Obamas: Reports on Twitter indicate that President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are dining on H Street NE tonight. Obama reporter Mark Knoller explains that the dinner is a campaign event with a contest winner: “They can’t pay off a campaign obligation at the WH, so their having dinner with the contest winners at Boundary Road Restaurant in DC.” We can’t help but wonder what this will do to the beer market at the nearby Big Board+1

Park Ranger Bashes Park Service, Dan Snyder In New Book: A veteran park ranger has published a new book that goes over his battle with the National Park Service over what he considered an improper approval given to Redskins owner Dan Snyder to cut down trees in front of his home. In response to his whistle-blowing, “Robert M. Danno says he has endured years of severe retaliation from the federal agency. The ’employed but ignored’ ranger and former chief ranger is telling all through a new book detailing what he says is harassment from NPS, and the career he lost through demotions, menial tasks below his rank and criminal charges for theft in 2009 he had to defend in U.S. Court.” We’re definitely interested to see how Danno, er, books ’em. -3

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