Show Me The Money Orders: Just in case you weren’t satisfied with the Post’s editorial board’s description of “suspicious” money orders At-Large Councilmember Vince Orange received from donors, or you didn’t appreciate the complaining that Orange wouldn’t turn copies over to Post reporters, then boy, does Alan Suderman have your back. Loose Lips headed to the Office of Campaign Finance and picked up copies of the readily available money orders, and yes, they are odd. But don’t take our word for it: LL posted scans of the money orders up for you to inspect yourself. +2

Show Me The Jobs: The Bureau of Labor Statistics latest report is a strange thing. D.C.’s unemployment rate dipped a bit, but the city lost jobs. 6,100 of them to be exact. An economist tells DCist it’s because District residents may be finding jobs outside of the city. +2

Show Me The Bar License: A local paralegal is being accused of telling vulnerable immigrants he was a lawyer in order to get their business, but allegedly didn’t follow through: “People who sought his help accuse him of taking thousands of dollars in fees for legal work he never performed.” -2

Show Me The Sinkage: Surveyors are trying to find out if the Washington Monument sank or shifted at all after the 5.4 magnitude earthquake last August: “They’re not expecting to find any major changes—perhaps fractions of an inch. But the findings could affect plans for repairing the monument, which is expected to remain closed to visitors until next year.” This seems like something they could have done, in, oh, August? -1

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