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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

No Gas, No Problem: A commissioner an ANC 6B forwards to the New Hill East email list a note he sent to a contact at the nearby CAG building, following complaints about the building’s safety. The note says, “On Tuesday, a support column of the CAG building fell and part of the building caved in leaving a pile of bricks on the sidewalk. This morning the demolition contractor for CAG hit a gas line, which resulted in the Fire/EMS coming out to get the situation under control. Neighbors were advised not to light anything until the gas smell abates and the line is fixed….The complaint in the past about CAG was that they did nothing to reach out to the community. We had your assurances and the beginning of a new relationship. And things were going well. After two major accidents this week, once again, I’m very concerned.” But another member isn’t worried at all: “Since I was walking my dogs past this area when the supposed ‘major accident’ happened, it was good to find out that no such thing happened. I just returned from asking the Washington Gas foreman what the incident was about and told him what was posted on the Hill Group. He assured me that nothing happened. The workman nicked the outer band of a gas line and stopped all work. Nothing escaped nor was there any danger of an explosion. Also, he stated that the Gas Company comes out for any underground excavation and seals off the line to the site but that they had not gotten to it yet. This is a routine task that they do. Nothing unusual nor unsafe. This is another case of over reaction and not having the facts.” Unconvinced, a third member adds, “Except for the fact that several fire trucks with maybe 10 or so firefighters in full uniform were on the scene. Not sure how that doesn’t incite concern.”

We’ll Seat Whomever: Likely prompted by the recent spate of summer-like days, a member of the Georgetown email list writes, “We’re looking to replace our current patio furniture set. Is anyone selling a four to nine piece patio furniture set? We’re flexible on price and are more looking for a lovely set to have outside and enjoy in the coming warm months.”

Smoking Room: “Does anyone know what’s going on with a fire that must be near by?  I smelled smoke inside our house,” writes a member of the Crestwood email list. A second member, who took pains to contact the relevant officials, responds, “I called the fire department last night. It was a garage fire over on Park Road. They came to make sure it didn’t spread through park bc of heavy smoke in our neighborhood.”

Available in Tenleytown: “Anyone in need of a voltage regulator/transformer? When living overseas, we  purchased a Matsunaga SVC-1000N,” writes a member of the Tenleytown email list. “If you are planning to move to a country that uses 220 volts, this device allows you to use your 110 appliances. You’ll need an adaptor plug, but otherwise free to a good home. Note: This is not a small lightweight item, but solidly built.”