Bikes On Metro! Bikes are allowed on Metrorail during off-peak hours, and now a new petition wants to change the law so that cyclists can wheel their bikes onto trains during rush hour. “We understand Metro’s issue of space constraints,” WABA executive director Shane Farthing told TBD, “but feel that (1) bikes are inequitably singled out for restriction while other items of similar size or larger are allowed, and (2) the timing restrictions are too broad and not well-tailored to address the spatial constraints that are actually at-issue. During the work week, bicycles are restricted system-wide for over 30% of the system’s operating hours.” We’ve got to say, it may seem fair to complain that oversized luggage is allowed on Metro cars, but it’s also worth noting that unlike luggage, and like Metro, bikes are a form of transportation! -2

Happy Birthday Mister Rogers: The Post’s Maura Judkis fondly remembers the late, great PBS neighbor, since she grew up around him: “People always wonder if Mister Rogers’s gentle personality on the show was an act or a character he played. It was not. Mister Rogers cared deeply for children, and each time I met him, I always remember him crouching down to talk to me at my level, so he could look me in the eyes. When my then 2-year-old brother had cancer, Mister Rogers, who was deeply religious, told my father that he prayed for him every day.” +3

Guns For Everyone (Not Mexicans)! Conservative media is all upset about this tape of then-U.S. Attorney for D.C. Eric Holder telling a women’s group that ad agencies should brainwash kids out of wanting guns. This was in 1995, near the high water mark of murder in the city. Now that he’s U.S. Attorney General, conservatives blame Holder for allowing guns to get into the hands of drug traffickers. Confusing! -1

You Get An SAT! And YOU Get An SAT! If there’s one thing you can say about D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown, it’s that he has a lot of ideas. Now one of his ideas for District education is on its way to Mayor Vince Gray‘s desk: The resolution requires D.C. high school students “to take the ACT or SAT and apply to at least one college or other postsecondary institution before graduating.” You know what kids need? More tests. -2

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