Mike Daisey At Woolly! While we’re looking forward to a play called The Man Who Lied To Ira Glass, Daisey is on track to perform at Woolly Mammoth Theatre after being booked there for his now-exposed-as-fake monologue about working conditions in Apple’s factories in China. Woolly is sorry they led you on, but they’re standing by the man: “But today’s Woolly statement isn’t merely a reiteration of support for the embattled performer: The company apologized for describing The Agony and the Ecstasy as a work of non-fiction during its spring 2011 run in D.C.” -1

At-Large Candidates Do Not Like Each Other: LL recaps the politics of last night’s At-Large Council candidate debate: “The gloves were off for much of the debate. The challengers hammered at Orange for accepting thousands of dollars of campaign contributions linked to Jeff Thompson, many in the form of sequential money orders, and not noticing until a year later that— surprise—there might be something fishy about them.” +3

Heroin Heroine: A Nigerian woman managed to swallow 5lbs of pellets filled with heroin before traveling to the U.S. She was stopped at Dulles Airport, where authorities discovered her stomach was “abnormally rigid.” WTOP: “Customs and Border Protection officers became suspicious when she told officers she was coming to the U.S. to visit her brother, but couldn’t describe him.” She’s been charged with drug smuggling. -3

D.C. Not Stressed, Maybe Stressed: NBC4 takes issue with a new study that puts D.C. near the bottom of the list of most stressed out cities. The author is incensed, and adds: “In case you’re wondering, Tampa, Fla., is officially the most stressed-out city, according to the study. More than 12 percent of the population is divorced. (Wouldn’t they be less stressed now that they’ve extricated themselves from unhappy marriages?) Crime and unemployment are both high.” We thinks so! +2

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