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HTJ Pays Some Of His Outstanding Bill: D.C.’s Attorney General says in a release that the disgraced Ward 5 councilmember has paid two-fifths of his latest overdue installment back to D.C.: “Pursuant to its civil settlement with former D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr. , the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) on March 21, 2012 secured an additional payment of $20,000.  This payment is in partial satisfaction of the $50,000 payment that was due from Mr. Thomas December 31, 2011, bringing to $70,000 the total amount paid by Mr. Thomas to date under the settlement.  The settlement agreement requires Mr. Thomas to pay a total of $300,000 in six $50,000 installments ending in December 2013.  The OAG will continue to pursue the District of Columbia’s rights as a judgment creditor in connection with the funds that Mr. Thomas owes the District government under the agreement, including 4 percent interest per year on late payments.  These efforts will include seeking the proceeds of the forfeiture of Mr. Thomas’ vehicles previously seized by the federal government.” They can’t, of course, go after Thomas’s Northeast home, since it’s in his wife’s name. -2

Farewell, America’s Finest News Source: Citing cost, The Onion will no longer be distributing free copies in D.C. or Philadelphia. Buzzfeed notes: “The news comes at a rocky time for the company. The Atlantic Wire reported Thursday that all but a handful of the paper’s comedy writers are quitting rather than enduring relocation to Chicago in July, the latest chapter in an ongoing consolidation effort intended to lower costs.” We’ll miss your repetitive jokes! -1

How Toxic Was My (Spring) Valley: The house at the center of the Spring Valley military waste site—a neighborhood that now houses some of the city’s richest residents—will be razed, property examined, and decontaminated, the Army Corps of Engineers says. They intend to turn the property back over the American University by next year. “The house is built on the mother of all toxic dumps,” attorney Patrick Regan, who represented the home’s former owners, told WTOP. The Army Corps will be encasing the plot of land in a bubble as they excavate to protect nearby neighbors from toxic waste. Still, we can’t imagine it’ll be a pleasant place to live. -3

Email WMATA Sexual Harassment Complaints: After prodding from a local anti-street harassment organization, WMATA has unveiled its first step in combatting sexual harassment on Metro: An email address. “Metro officials say they’ve heard the concerns of the sexual harassment victims. The agency has set up a new email address – harassment@wmata.com – to report incidents.” Will complaints be answered and forwarded on to Metro Transit Police if necessary? Unclear! 0

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