Caffeine Fix: Someone in Chevy Chase is looking to unload some coffee makers, both of which might or might not actually make coffee. She writes, “Very basic, small Krups cappuccino machine – almost positive it works. I may be able to locate the user’s manual that goes with it.” Her other machine is more or less promising: “Starbucks Barrista machine that used to work fine… Very good machine if you can get it to work. Once again, I may be able to locate the user’s manual.” And finally, she has one working machine up for grabs, a “4-cup drip coffee maker – received free from Gevalia many years ago. Works just fine, but we no longer have a need for it.” No word on the owner’s manual for this one.

Pearls of Wisdom: It’s unclear if some sort of confrontation prompted this piece of advice, but in any case, someone on the East of the River email list gave subscribers a quick lesson in internet etiquette. She writes, “Never say anything on TWITTER or the LISTSERV that you cannot say to a person face.  DO NOT be SURPRISED, SCARED TO DEATH, WET YOUR PANTS when are confronted in public for your remarks.  Just a WORD TO THE WISE!  Enjoy your day!”

Hot Fuss: ANC 5A called an emergency meeting for Wednesday evening. The announcement reads, “EMERGENCY COMMISSIONER OF THE WHOLE MEETING ANC 5A,” going on to explain that the “Agenda includes: Brookland Café Additional seating in/out door.” Someone asked his fellow Brookland email list subscribers, “What’s the emergency? Is this just now a request for outdoor seating or is something else going on here?” It remains to be seen.

“The Kids are Alright”: Someone on the MPD-5D email list is worried that a group of unruly neighborhood youths might be eavesdropping on the police radio system. She writes, “Just a few minutes ago, I called 911 to report a large group of teenagers (at least 30 of them) gathered at my street corner. They were standing in the street and refusing to move to allow traffic by, besides being visited by vehicles that were further blocking traffic as they stopped to talk, etc., and being incredibly loud. Literally within a minute of calling this complaint in, the group scattered and I clearly heard through my open front window members of the group yelling ‘let’s go, she called the cops.’…Clearly, these teens were monitoring police radio and heard the dispatch for the disruption. There is no way they heard me call, and it took a short while after I called for them to disperse, so it’s obvious they heard the call go out over police radio.” MPD-5D Commander Andy Solberg responded to assure the resident that all MPD radios are encrypted, adding, “…it seems unlikely that kids on the street would be able to listen in to our radio communications.” Another neighbor added a final perspective: “If true, sounds like they were just having fun. Wish I was that age again!”