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The Examiner reports that all D.C. councilmembers but David Catania, Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, and Mary Cheh are taking $2,802 raises this year:

“I just didn’t feel comfortable giving myself a pay raise when our employees weren’t getting a pay raise,” [Kwame] Brown told The Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

According to the chief financial officer’s estimate in 2006, the compensation increases totaled $1.4 million through 2010. The bill’s passage in December 2006 raised council members’ salaries in 2007 from $92,530 to $115,000 and the chairman’s salary to $190,000. In 2008, cost-of-living increases kicked in and salaries were $125,538 by 2011, for an increase of 36 percent in six years.

We’ll remind you that councilmembers make more than $125,000 with no restrictions on outside work. Last spring, five councilmembers—both Browns, Catania, Cheh, and Jack Evans, pictured here—reported outside income ranging from $30,000 to $280,000.

Evans, who pulled in $190,000 from his consulting gig at Patton Boggs, just couldn’t turn down an additional $2,800.

Worth noting: Median household income in D.C. is $58,526, according to the latest Census. Which makes the pay increase worth about 4.7 percent of the median income for the council’s constituents.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery