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Back in February, the Zoning Commission punted on the Georgetown campus plan—there had been hopes that the two-year process would wrap up before winter was over—and requested that the university and its opponents submit more info. They wanted to know if neighbors thought Georgetown’s off-campus student mitigation efforts (SNAP patrol, trash pick up, MPD reimbursable detail) were working, and they wanted Georgetown to submit its own assessment of the programs. This info was supposed to be provided to the commission in mid-April, and then another public meeting would be held on May 10.

I took this as a good sign for Georgetown, since it was clear the commission wasn’t willing to sign off on the neighbors’ request that the university house all students on campus. But they also weren’t willing to approve the plan with so much acrimony on the neighbors’ side. Instead, Chairman Anthony Hood and Co. seemed to be asking the university to try harder to make nice.

Last night Georgetown announced at the ANC 2E meeting that they would be requesting a 60-day filing extension—with the neighbors in opposition to the plan signing on.

It’s a shift away from where things seemed to be headed. Rather than coming back to the commission with two different opinions—something the two sides have done several times with little forward movement—it seems like Georgetown is trying to work things out with its neighbors before facing the commissioners. Spokeswoman Rachel Pugh writes in an email: “We see this as progress toward meeting Zoning Commission Chairman Anthony Hood’s request to find common ground for all involved.”

I’ve reached out to neighbors for comment. Will update as necessary.

Below is a copy of the letter Georgetown, ANC 2E, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, and the Burleith Citizens Association submitted to the Zoning Commission.