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Get Out The Vote: If an election is held in D.C. and nobody notices, does it make a sound? Early indications were that today’s primary for D.C. Council (and GOP presidential nominee) was drawing light turnout. Polls are open until 8 p.m., so you still have time to go cast a ballot; chances are you won’t have to wait in line long. The good news: No matter how few people vote today, turnout is already (thanks to the 6,051 people who voted early) better than the D.C. election with the lowest participation ever, a 2007 Board of Education special election that drew only .88 percent of eligible voters. -2

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: It’s been quite a while since D.C. voters authorized medical marijuana, but the first pot plants have yet to go into their hydroponic beds, much less be harvested for medication. Perhaps the reason for the delay is that Department of Health boss Mohammed Akhter, who oversees the effort, has never smoked pot, nor has anyone in his family ever tried it. Akhter could try Capitol Hemp for some paraphernalia if he decides to change his mind, but he’s only got until August. -2

Today In Racist Team Nickname News: Turns out the breathless reports that the Washington Redskins would change their uniform to ditch the Indian head that’s adorned their helmets for decades were completely wrong. The team unveiled its new Nike-sponsored look today, and—surprise!—it’s almost identical to last year’s Reebok version. Meanwhile, whatever they’re wearing next season, there will be 4,000 fewer seats in FedEx Field than there were last year. -1

Film At 11: A minor panic broke out, then was rapidly quelled, earlier this year, when it seemed as though a transfer of some land near the Capitol from the National Park Service to the Architect of the Capitol might mean the end of movie and TV shots (and school photos) by the iconic dome. Turned out the change won’t affect the location most of those shots use. But now D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton wants to push for expanded access to the Capitol for production companies, beyond just the narrow slice where filming is allowed. Prediction: Like everything else Congress will attempt to deal with this election year, this won’t go anywhere. 0

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