Today, via Washington City Paper Gchat:

Baca: someone has made dc-themed nail polishes. most importantly: there is a mumbo sauce shade:
Hilton: WHAT

(Hilton walks to Baca’s office, gleefully exclaims, “Bama?! There’s a Bama one. I have to have it.”)

Baca: i might actually need big chair brown…
Hilton: it is so good

So we dig nail polish. Normally we reserve our lacquer-related comments for less official platforms, but we couldn’t resist blogging about these shades, which are part of the District of Columbia collection by Studio85. Per its website, the Bloomingdale shop stocks apparel, accessories, candles, and odds and ends in addition to nail polish (though it hawks the latter online, too).

We like the colors, but we’re mostly fond of their D.C.-referential names: The aforementioned Big Chair Brown (warm, shimmery fawn) and Bama (glitzy turquoise that may as well indicate foolishness) accompany Go-Go (glittery black), U St. (pinkish lilac, with shine), and Roc Creek (flat jade). Only a few polishes echo federal themes, which is refreshing for something taking its cues from this city’s environs.

Studio85 is blowing up today: Politics of Pretty’s post was linked on Refinery29‘s morning roundup, and Scoutmob has a 50-percent-off deal for the shop.

Since that Mambo Sauce one looks a lot better than the real stuff tastes, it’s probably worth it.