Unlike last time, it seems like the District’s new 311 app is actually ready for prime time. Mayor Vince Gray announced the launch this morning.

We downloaded DC311 for Android, and it’s a straightforward—if not particularly pretty—tool. It has a section for reporting just about any problem under the purview of the Department of Public Works or the DMV, and there’s a map where you can see the issues reported around you, and their status.

One particularly interesting section is the “Neighbors” tab, where you can see the names of other people who have registered and reported complaints to 311. Apparently you get “civic points” for doing so. Leading the pack is one user called mwander, who’s reported 627 issues.

311 is actually pretty easy to access by phone, but we approve of making it easier for people who don’t want to make a phone call.

Photo via Google Play store