Charges For Zimmerman: It’s not strictly D.C. news, but the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman has been everywhere lately—leading to a discussion about racial profiling hosted last night by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Commission on Black Men and Boys. There, the father of DeOnte Rawlings, a young teen who was killed by off-duty cops in 2007, spoke: “When you lose a child and when you’re alone, people don’t know what you’re going through,” Rawlings said. “It’s so painful that he’s not here anymore… My pain [doesn’t] ever go away.” This afternoon reports came that the charges against Zimmerman were finally going to be filed. Two problems: 1) no one seems to know where Zimmerman is, since he stopped speaking to his attorneys, and 2) we doubt anything will take Martin’s parents pain away. -3

On the Up and Up: The D.C. Taxicab Commission voted to increase base cab fares from $1.50 to $2.16, probably hoping to sweeten the pot enough that cabbies will get on board with car modernization plans for later this year. Considering what a grumpy bunch they are, we’re dubious. -2

Apple Wanted To Take Your Money, U.S. Attorney Says: Apple and five major book publishers are being sued for colluding to keep ebook prices high. “The alleged conspiracy came as Apple was preparing to launch the iPad and called for Apple to be guaranteed a 30 percent commission on each e-book it sold, the lawsuit said.” Someone call Mike Daisey-2

Library Of Congress Sued By Former Librarian: A management analyst at the Library of Congress is suing because he says he was harassed and discriminated against at work for being gay. “An email sent to TerVeer from his boss in June 2009 states: ‘Putting you closer to God is my effort to encourage you to save your worldly behinds!’.” Charming. -2

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