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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Feeding the Trolls: In a post titled “ANC commissioner Lenwood Johnson is a jerk,” New Columbia Heights tells us all about ANC Commissioner Lenwood Johnson’s conduct on the internet: “One of Johnson’s favorite tactics is to forward personal emails to the neighborhood listserves and then insult people.” In the latest incident, Johnson weighed on a discussion about how to dispose of a dead cat that had been on the sidewalk for a few days. His solution: “You should call a local carry-out (any ethnicity). ;)” Responding to many accusations of racism and impropriety, one email list member writes, “Of course this exchange is really not so much about a ‘dead cat’ and a ‘bad joke.’ Whenever the response is so out of proportion to the original incident, we known something else is going on. Maybe subconsciously, we know that Dr. King was assassinated 44 years ago this week by a bullet, but we know that in some key ways today in 2012, Ward 1 represents the assassination of many of the ideas he lived, fought and dead for. And we can’t really figure out who to blame, so a ‘dead cat’ and a ‘bad joke’ will do… We are in the middle of a subconscious urban rebellion as a result of the second assassination of Dr. King. And folk will look back and wonder, why so much destruction to our souls over a ‘dead cat’ and a ‘bad joke.’” Not everyone on the email list is up in arms, though. One neighbor writes, “This has been one of the most amusing threads i have yet seen. People, it was a joke. And though not funny, just let it go. I’ve seen much worse insults on here that people dont get all jacked up about. Stop the righteousness and find other more important things to be indignant about….and I see one more email about how ‘someone has traveled’ the world and the cuisines and blah blah. I’m going to choke on my Cheerios. Enough already!” Someone else was similarly entertained: “I just love Ward 1!”

Takoma Park: Tensions are running high in Takoma Park. One email list subscriber wrote a friendly “Note to elected candidates – Ms. Muriel B,” explaining the finer points of campaign sign etiquette:  “When we let you know that your signs could be put in our yard, your aide was here before we got home from  the TEC dedication. Five days after and they are still out front, both sides and I see them all over the area…..the folks you defeated took their signs the next day….they are long gone.  Muriel????  Complacency sets in THAT fast? Please take them down.  Feel ashamed to have to remind you.” Another neighbor replied, “Even though winning the Democrat’s primary is likely to result in a win, please remember that there is still an election to be held.  While it is appropriate for those that lost to remove their signs, those that won on April 3 still have to compete to win when it finally counts.” Then someone else chimed in with a wholly unrelated complaint: the speeding tickets are too damn high. He writes, “11 mph above posted limit @$125 per pop is too high. Thank Fenty. He did this to us.” An abnormally ad hominem discussion ensued, with one neighbor responding, “i’m sorry, but NO. your heavy foot did that to you. i’d surely hate getting a ticket like that, no doubt, but at least i would know to blame the man in the mirror.” The speeder’s retort: “Compassion is not your strong suit.”

Chicks Love Purses: Someone in Foggy Bottom found a purse, probably a casualty of the Easter holiday: “It looks like a plush toy chick, white with an orange beak, and has several items inside.”

WaNo: Shepherd Park wants their Washington Posts! It seems like there’s a new paper carrier in the area, who got lost for a few days. Apparently, the Post’s customer service didn’t help matters much. Although some got a one-week credit out of the deal, others had less agreeable experiences: “No paper for us yesterday or today, and we called before 9:00 a.m. each day and were told it would be redelivered, but it wasn’t either day.” The slights ranged from not getting a paper to having to walk across the lawn to get it. One neighbor writes, “Ours was delivered today, but way far away from our door (it is usually next to the door).  It must be a temporary person.” Another neighbor seems to just be flaunting his good fortune on the email list, “Odd. I got both days as usually right at my front door.  I must have a different carrier.” Finally, someone chimed in with a curt, “Try http://www.washingtonpost.com.”