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Orange Wins At-Large Race: As many predicted, the special ballots preserved (and widened!) Vincent Orange’s lead over challenger Sekou Biddle in the D.C.  Council At-Large race. “With all the votes counted, Orange cruised to an easy 1,746 vote margin over his closest challenger, Sekou Biddle.” Which means we could have all just announced the results a week ago and sent the Board of Elections and Ethics staffers home early! -2

Just Sign The Damn Pledge Already: Though a directive from Mayor Vince Gray‘s office said employees would not be reprimanded if they didn’t sign his mandatory ethics pledge, spox Pedro Ribeiro emailed LL to explain: “For clarification, the Ethics Pledge is mandatory and employees who refuse to sign must take additional ethics training as a result. It is mandatory, and if you don’t do it, you will have to take ethics classes.” While we are curious to know what ethics classes consist of, we bet city employees are not, and will probably just sign the pledge. +1

Moms! Amirite?: D.C. Health Care Finance’s human resources director seems to have missed the part in the handbook about disclosing personal relationships. She hired her kid and neither mentioned their very close personal relationship. “According to Turnage, McRae brought her son into the agency as an intern in May 2009. At the time, Turnage said, he failed to report that he was related to anyone in the agency. Turnage said Lancaster then had a ‘meteoric rise’ within the agency, eventually reaching the level of management assistant with a $56,000 annual salary.” We know moms want the best for their kids, but come on! -2

Taxes For Everyone: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both released their family’s tax returns: The Bidens paid $87,900 and the Obamas paid more than $160,000. Meanwhile Mitt Romney is filing for an extension and will release his tax returns…sometime, you guys. Chill out. -2

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