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Summer In April: Average temperatures for this time of year are in the mid-70s. Which is why today’s highs of near 90 degrees at area weather stations were notable, even if no records were set; when, after all, do you get a pleasant, humidity-free 90-degree day in D.C.? Yes, it’s probably a sign of imminent global climate change disaster, and no, we don’t particularly want to see August if this is what April’s like. But still—get off your computer and get outside. +2

Help Us Joe Lieberman, You’re Our Only Hope: The senior senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, will mostly be remembered in history for nearly becoming the first American ever to be nominated as a vice presidential candidate on both major political parties’ tickets. Locally, though, he could wind up being far more significant. Lieberman is reportedly drafting legislation to give D.C. control over its own local budget. Would he still be deeply irritating and sanctimonious if this passed? He would. But would we like him a bit more? We might. In related news, most people in the country favor giving D.C. budget autonomy. Then again, most people in the country favor a lot of things that Congress doesn’t bother acting on. +1

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Frozen Greek-Style Yogurt: What’s the only thing better than a food truck driving around the city distributing free frozen yogurt? A food truck giving away the yogurt for free. Ben & Jerry’s is debuting just that truck this week in D.C., where it’ll roll around town for a month before heading to Miami. We’re told the truck will be outside Washington City Paper‘s offices in Adams Morgan on Tuesday, so if this Needle feature doesn’t appear tomorrow, blame the food coma. +1

How Much For That Mansion In The Window?: Average rental prices are going up and up in D.C., but the next time someone does a survey, they may want to throw one property out. A bed and breakfast in 16th Street Heights is up for lease at a mere $24,000 a month—enough to skew the stats for the whole city. The Gates Foundation and other fancy organizations have apparently used the place, at 16th Street NW and Blagden Avenue, for retreats; maybe Bill Gates will use it for a crash pad next time he’s in town? -1

Friday’s Needle rating: 41 Today’s score: +3 Emancipation Day bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 46