Some Schools Will Close: Mayor Vince Gray said today, “What we have is unsustainable. When you put DCPS with public charter schools, you have 220 buildings. It’s not sustainable.” As charter school enrollment has risen, public school enrollment has dropped, so this isn’t exactly a surprise. While it’s not clear that closing schools will improve quality, we’re gonna hope so! +2

Flood No More: Businesses on the Georgetown waterfront are rebuilding after massive floods last year. “A long and costly year of waiting to get back in business should soon end – both hope to reopen in time for the extended Memorial Day weekend as part of a $20 million renovation being done to the plaza.” The more sea breezes the better! +1

Make Love In The IKEA: A Maryland couple who had their first date at the College Park IKEA (?) just got married there. The store provided meatballs and furniture, and the wedding took place during business hours. “IKEA’s Sharon Black says it’s the first wedding ever held inside the College Park store, and she understands the publicity may spark more requests. ‘We’ll entertain them all, but we’ll see where it goes from here. We’re not really in the wedding business,’ Black says with a laugh.” We’ve gotta say, IKEA shopping is stressful enough without navigating a wedding, but congrats to the happy couple! +1

What’s A Review?: Y&H is a little incensed at someone who took to Postie Tom Sietsema‘s chat to complain that City Paper had posted a review of Chez Billy based on some complimentary passed hors d’oeuvres. Chris Shott took it as an opportunity to explain what it is that blog post was about: “When a new restaurant opens in the District, oftentimes we’ll send someone to cover it, so that you, the reader, have some idea about what to expect. This is not meant to be taken as a formal review of that restaurant. That’s something else entirely. In fact, most of the content that you read here is not, in fact, a review.” Honestly, we think the complaint was just plain rude.  -1

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