Two Otters Killed At National Zoo: Seems to be unprecedented, but the dye the Zoo used to ID some newborn otters was ingested by two who later died: “Preliminary tests show they had a condition that affects oxygen transported by the blood, which caused their livers and kidneys to fail, according to the statement. Officials said the most likely cause of death was the ingestion of the dye, which the Zoo has since stopped using. The dye was cleaned off of the other otters, who appear to be fine.” -2

No Autonomy For D.C. If D.C. Doesn’t Give Up Its Autonomy: Pro-lifers are standing in the way of D.C. budget autonomy because they don’t like the way D.C. expresses autonomy: “pro-life groups have already said that they will work to oppose any D.C. budget autonomy bill that doesn’t include an explicit prohibition on the use of local funds for abortions.” It seems to us that they are confused about how this works. -2

Forgotten Actor Arrested In Capitol Hill Protest: We haven’t seen much of Noah Wyle since The Librarian: Return To King Solomon’s Mines, but the former ER actor was arrested as part of a protest with more than 100 activists fighting cuts to Medicaid. At least Wyle is doing a little good in the world. +1

Driver Down: With viral meningitis! WMATA says the Metrobus operator only hit the road on routes 52 and 54 one morning while ill—after coming back from vacation—but as a precaution, they’re disinfecting 164 buses. Yay for transparency? +1

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