The Examiner reports that the University of the District of Columbia is attempting to slash its staff:

The “bloat” of employees, as one official described the situation, and relatively level funding from the District, has put the city’s only public university in financial straits. Mayor Vincent Gray is offering UDC $64.9 million for fiscal 2013, a $1.2 million increase over last year but substantially less than the $85.1 million the university is requesting as its community college takes steps toward independence under its budget.

The school’s advisory board released a statement yesterday noting, “UDC must develop a right-sizing plan that reflects the size and needs of the District, puts the university on sound financial footing, and ensures the future of the community college.”

A couple of things worth noting: Labor issues at UDC are part of the reason why they’re not getting the money they say they need. 70 percent of UDC’s budget goes to personnel, and with the school spending 60 percent more per student than its peers (while underperforming), it’s hard to justify that cost.

At any rate, we have lots more on UDC coming next week from Lydia DePillis.