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Pity the poor BlackBerry user in D.C.

For years, the devices carried a certain dorky status, at least among the Capitol Hill set; obsessively checking your email at happy hour showed you were important, or at least you thought you were. These days, though, the only thing carrying a BlackBerry tells people is that you haven’t gotten around to upgrading to an iPhone or an Android yet. And now RIM, the Canadian company that makes the no-longer-even-remotely-hip smartphones, is reportedly on the way to bankruptcy. Even here in the Washington area, where (as the Post noted this month) many agencies still cling to the devices, people are ditching their BlackBerries faster than you can ask Siri where to dispose of used electronics. Here’s a sampling of recent Craigslist ads offering BlackBerries for sale:

• Device9630

Price: $150

Owner’s Comments to Sweeten the Deal: I will include an extra new battery, silicone cover, belt holster and docking/charging stand at no extra charge.

Obsolescence Index: 3

• Device8700

Price: $30

Owner’s Comments to Sweeten the Deal: Asking $30 or best offer.

Obsolescence Index: 1

• DevicePlaybook tablet

Price: $170

Owner’s Comments to Sweeten the Deal: Excellent product and condition, barely used and simply don’t need anymore.

Obsolescence Index: 4

• DeviceStorm

Price: $150

Owner’s Comments to Sweeten the Deal: The back is missing, Im just selling it because i don’t need it. Text me if my price is to high just tell me.

Obsolescence Index: 2

• DeviceBold

Price: $200

Owner’s Comments to Sweeten the Deal: basically brand new, only used it for 3 months and switched to an iPhone.

Obsolescence Index: 5

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield