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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Denny’s to the Death: A Frozen Tropics reader alerts the blog that Sky Nails on Bladensburg Road has been gutted. The blog adds, “We previously discussed the closing of Sky Nails and the rumor that it could become condos. The rumor comes from what the owner of Sky Nails reportedly told a customer. I don’t really see condos at that location, given the new luxury apartments right across the street (and condos down the road).” Though a commenter disagrees (“I would say apartments/condos. Why not? Literally yards away from a future streetcar stop. Across the street from major commercial developments and shopping. Could not be much nearer to H-street nightlife”) and others think the site will house retail, one adds, “Maybe HTJ can bring in a Denny’s to kill the other Denny’s.”

Time for the Unplugged Edition: “Could anyone from MPD please clarify the city’s noise ordinance laws?” asks a member of the MPD-4D email list. “I live near one of the Metro stations, and there is a guitar player—with amplifier—that regularly plays for hours just outside the doors to the station. While I appreciate his desire to play, it’s a real disturbance as the electrified bass sound reverberates inside my apartment (with windows closed), and it’s pretty unpleasant. When I read through the DC laws it seemed as though any kind of singing/playing music on public property was illegal, but I’m not sure if I’m interpreting that correctly. I wouldn’t want to ask him to go away, but I’d really like for him to unplug the amplifier.” An inspector from the Fourth District responds, “In this particular case, the guitarists may have received authorization from Metro Transit to perform at their station. I believe years ago, people auditioned for WMATA to play musical instruments at their stations. I have seen them performing but mostly in business districts (Union Station, Chinatown & Farragut North Stations). I have copied Metro Transit officials for their guidance on this matter.” She continues, “In general, it is unlawful for a person to make unreasonable loud noise between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am that is likely to annoy or disturb one or other persons in their residences. The origin of the noise is not relevant. Also, there should be no amplification of music on public space. Music approved by permit shall not disturb the peace or quiet of a neighborhood.”

Rampant Retail: In its regular roundups of retail openings in the neighborhood, The Georgetown Metropolitan reports that at least 13 establishments will start up this year. A few commenters also add some names. “I was at Billy Reid in Nashville last week, and I asked the manager about their Georgetown store. He said that they can’t move into the spot that they thought they had (I think it’s the Riccardi space), because the current tenant won’t move out, so they’re sort of waiting to see if the store ever closes and looking at other spaces. Hope they figure it out, would be a really nice addition,” writes one, while another notes that Good Stuff Eatery and Bandolero—both helmed by Top Chef alums—will open up shop.

Your Genuinely Appreciative Email List Post of the Day: On the Crestwood email list, a member sends a photo attachment with the following message: “Mama Fox was looking after her brood of five. They have certainly helped keep the racoons away and are good rodent eaters, and they were so much fun to watch.” The member also adds, “A few fish are struggling up the fish ladder at Peirce Mill. You need a lot of sun to be able to spot them.”