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10. Sometimes recipes require booze.

9. Sometimes you were too hung over on Saturday to remember to go buy alcohol on your only day off that coincides with when it’s sold.

8. Sometimes you don’t want to drive to Maryland and contribute to its tax base.

7. Sometimes you’re annoyed that even puritan Virginia sells alcohol on Sundays now. (And you don’t want to drive there, either.)

6. Sometimes D.C.’s Repeal Day falls on a Sunday (as it will in 2015) and how will you make D.C.’s state drink—the Rickey—then, huh?

5. Sometimes you get dumped on a Sunday and need booze immediately and don’t want to go to the bar because tears in public are the worst.

4. Sometimes looking at Mondays requires a little liquid courage.

3. Sometimes you don’t think liquor regulations should be governed by what’s considered holy by Christians, since 2.1 percent of your fellow Washingtonians are Muslim (and maybe some are lapsed!), 4.7 percent are Jewish, and only 33 percent of the city even goes to church regularly.

2. Sometimes watching the ‘Skins play requires something a little stronger than beer.

1. Sometimes, well, sometimes you just really need to get hammered on a Sunday, and that is okay.

Photo of whiskey by Shutterstock.com