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And Now, The Afternoon Predator Report: From Marine helicopters zipping around town to the occasional Space Shuttle flyover, District residents are fairly used to odd things passing overhead. Up next could be drones. Fairfax County Police Chief David Rohrer says to expect robo-planes to appear in the D.C. region sooner rather than later. No word on which police departments will be able to afford to equip them with Hellfire missiles; may depend on whether the Department of Homeland Security grants keep flowing. -2

War On Cars: All those “livable, walkable” policy ideas that have caused so much angst in D.C. over the last few years? Turns out they were only trying to save drivers from themselves. Jalopnik has dubbed the District the nation’s 9th worst place to have a car, in today’s installment of meaningless rankings by national publications. The reason they cite, though, sounds a little fishy: the editors say only cabbies here know how to drive. Anyone who’s ever ridden in, driven near, or simply observed many of the cabs in D.C. might dispute that. -2

“He Took My Weed”: Medical marijuana may, eventually, actually be sold and used in the District, but even then, we don’t imagine calling the police to report stolen pot. And yet, that’s what someone did in Prince George’s County this weekend, phoning 911 to report a home invasion in which the suspects took his drugs. Authorities say the caller may have been a student at the University of Maryland. Which, we presume, the university will be in no hurry to tell people. +1

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s SUPERMOON: Got plans for Saturday night? Make sure they give you a chance to get outside at 11:34 p.m. That’s when the Moon will become full as it approaches its closest point to Earth, a phenomenon known as “Supermoon,” apparently because astronomers are 7-year-old boys at heart. It’ll appear 16 percent larger than the usual full moon. +2

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