The Maryland Department of Transportation announced that the state’s growing bikeshare program picked up $2.5 million in grants from Governor Martin O’Malley:

The grant-winning projects include both feasibility studies for several jurisdictions and actual implementation and opening of bikeshare stations for others that are further along in the planning and design process.  The winners are divided into two categories – funding to implement a bikeshare facility and funding for a feasibility study to determine potential bikeshare station locations.  The Bikeshare Grant Program is funded through the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program and will cover 80 percent of the total project cost.  Local jurisdictions are required to pay a 20 percent match.

The winners of grants to implement bikesharing systems are:  Baltimore City, Montgomery County and joint partners with University of Maryland at College Park and the City of College Park.  The winners of grants for feasibility studies of potential bikeshare stations are:  Frederick City, Howard County and joint partners with Prince George’s County and the City of Greenbelt.

The next step is for the jurisdictions and MDOT to sign a memorandum of understanding followed by a formal award of the funding.  Feasibility studies and Bikeshare implementation projects could begin any time after July 1st with project or study completion expected to be complete in about a year’s time.  Jurisdictions will be in charge of the project and the exact timeline.

Looks like Maryland could be joining the Capital Bikeshare system pretty soon!